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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. 1clearhead
    Here are my quick impressions on the KZ ZS7 and KZ ZSA! :wink::thumbsup:

    RATING CHART Highest Rating Possible: 10


    NOTE: Top position will go towards PRO SOUND RATING (PSR)

    HYBRIDS DD + BA Armature(s):

    KZ ZS7
    Extended Bass Driver + 4 BA Drive Units per side with KZ exclusive crossover network circuitry
    PSR: 9.9
    SS: Superb sound quality! -deep extended sub-bass, excellent clean vocals, silky pristine hi-end details with solid and superior soundstage and resolution!
    BQ: 9
    OP: 7
    OV: 10
    COMMENTS: The ZS7 are great top sounding IEM's! The sub-bass extends really deep with excellent control, while maintaining clean vocals and hi-end details without sounding harsh or sibilant. They are a "MUST HAVE" for some serious and genuine fun!
    P_20190303_112940.jpg P_20190303_112502.jpg

    KZ ZSA
    8mm Bass Drivers + KZ's exclusive BA Armatures
    PSR: 9.8
    SS: Nice deep and rich bass, clear vivid highs, wide soundstage and depth with excellent resolution!
    BQ: 9
    OP: 7
    OV: 10
    COMMENTS: With its smaller size and light weight metal housing, you better believe that they can keep up with much costlier brands! They not only sound superb, but they also punch above their weight!
    P_20190303_115655.jpg P_20190303_114703.jpg

    I want to say a nice "shout-out" to 'Slater' for helping me get both the KZ ZSA and especially the KZ ZS7, which is not available for purchase in China! :beerchug:

    Hope these impressions helped anyone interested in knowing more about these two items!

    To see more of my IEM impressions, just go to my profile at my homepage...

    -Clear :spy:
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
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  2. nxnje
    So much time i'm curious about the ZSA, precisely from last year.
    The problem is i've already got ZS7, CCA C10, ZS6, and i'm waiting for QT5, AS06, TRN V80 again and ZSN Pro.. i don't know if buying a ZSA.. :frowning2:
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  3. 1clearhead
    The reason I bought the ZSA was to get a glimpse or idea on how they might give the similar details to that of the KZ ZS6, which many in the KZ community spoke about.
    They are truly keepers!:thumbsup:
  4. ElixBerd
    How do you buy them (GS300) if you're outside Malaysia?
  5. ShakyJake
    How do you compare the ZS7 to your CCA C16?
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  6. audio123
    My take on the DB Monroe. Quite impressed with the uniquity of the DB Monroe (packaging & design). Overall, the Monroe is a mellow sounding iem that is able to provide extended bass, forward upper midrange and crisp treble. Enjoy & Happy Listening, as always! :)

    photo_2019-04-11_00-26-40 (2).jpg photo_2019-04-12_21-50-32.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
  7. Zerohour88
    you can contact Hillsonic Audio for overseas purchase, I think. He did so for a few users before

  8. 1clearhead
    The C16 can reveal details on most selected genres like no other can, which makes them my personal favorite. But, the ZS7 brings out the fun factor on certain songs with that extra lower bass punch with precision hi-end treble details that's hard to resist.
    They are both interesting and different enough to be anyone's personal choice on what they are looking for in an IEM. :yum:
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  9. Nimweth
    Exactly! I couldn't have said it better myself! I like them both as well.
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  10. ShakyJake
    Thanks for your comparison. I almost bought both the C16 and the ZS7at the recent Ali sale but decided to go in a different direction (Toneking Nine Tails). I am still tempted to get them...
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  11. crabdog
    The 9T is the best of those 3 IMO. I'd say you made the right choice!
  12. Nimweth
    Try this on the C16 and the ZS7. Very different but both superb. Sounds great on the DT6 as well!
  13. IryxBRO
    My impressions and review of Cozoy HERA C103 - another good example of right cooking of single dynamic driver...

    Own blog: LINK
    Here on HeadFi: LINK

    _DSC1009.jpg _DSC1027.jpg _DSC1041.jpg _DSC1045.jpg
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  14. Tatagiba
    How much was the Toneking on the sale ?
  15. ShakyJake
    The Toneking 9T was $80, but some coupon magic got it down to $70. It was actually cheaper than the CCA C16 that I also had in the cart and decided to drop in the end.

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