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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. thebigredpolos
    The manufacturer did confirm that they will be selling on Amazon in the near future. Looking forward to both your impressions and their availability on something other than Tao Bao.
  2. B9Scrambler
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  3. demo-to
    Yeah, already checked yesterday. Plus customs and shipment to Germany. Still too much for me.
    I am already looking for a European based 700 USD like used sale.
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  4. Kazelement
    So I'm looking to either pick up I think a DMG, DM6 or Hifi boy osv3 for black friday looking around 150-200$ I listen to edm, some pop and rock but not often rap so any suggestions for these genres would go a long way. I was leaning towards DM6 but knowing it's mostly neutral may not be the best for this type of music.

    Right now my daily is a TRN V80 which I actually like but I know I can do better.
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  5. wheeshnaw
    This is pretty much exactly me. +1 really would like an answer to this same question
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  6. paulindss
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
  7. Slater
    Ever wonder why your ChiFi packages arrive all beat up? Or what the reason is behind some of those mysterious QC issues (that are likely shipping related)?

  8. eggnogg
    its a long step to your doorstep, but they improve fast, these robot will never rest
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  9. ForceMajeure
    Yep looks like the dmg cable with straight plug
    Good cable extremely supple
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  10. aspire5550
    Just a heads up for those who doesn't know. For the majority of the western folks, burn in is snake oil and cable makes no difference.
    But for the chinese audio community, they are a firm believer of burn in , almost every reviews that I see/read , mentioned that the sound changes after burn in. Even the sellers always recommend burn in for the earphone after you bought it. somestimes even recommend you to burn in for 100-200 hours.

    Just some key take away from this review. The IT01s using IT01 cable will make the IT01s a little similar to the IT01 where the bass is heavier than silver cable and overall is not so smooth.

    IT01s is more balanced compared to IT01 which is more towards the lower end. A little similar in terms of sound profile to the IT04 but overall is not on IT04 level.

    Most obvious improvement compared to the IT01s is that it has more detail and clarity compared to the IT01.

    He also tried using the silver cable on the IT01 and overall IT01 becomes a little bit more balanced , bass is lesser and mids + treble is not so dark(not sure what he meant by dark). The IT01+silver cable is also a little more cohesive but the detail and clarity is still not as good as the IT01s.

    The only advantage that IT01 has over IT01s is that it is wider in terms of sound stage. but he suspect that after burn in, the IT01s should be an upgrade over the it01 in every field.
  11. darmanastartes
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  12. Animagus
    I suggest the DM6 out of your options. They are really good and at the moment widely loved in every review I've read. Also, I have a Tansio Mirai TSMR-3 on the way. Reading the description they seem incredible.
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  13. Kazelement
    Thanks for the input I was just a little worried there a little too neutral
  14. Animagus
    Well neutral/flat response doesn't really mean boring. It just means that you get to hear the song without any added color from the IEM, just as the artist & mixing/mastering engineer wanted you to. You can always add whatever you want more of with an eq and majority of the times neutral IEMs/headphones respond better to eq than heavily colored IEMs. Hope this helps. :)
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  15. Kazelement
    It does help I think I will be picking these up.

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