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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. omastic
    I will have to disagree with this statement. 
    The AK380 might make the FLC8S perform at its level best, but it will not make it better than an Andromeda which will be driven perfectly well by the Xduoo X2. 
    Lets not overemphasize the importance of uber expensive sources for driving super sensitive iems. 
  2. notamethlab
    This thread would be your best bet;
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  3. CoiL
    KZ ATR is VERY good for single dynamic OOTB ...for 4.65$ it`s the best SQ vs. price deal I`ve experienced yet. This is absurd. 
    Now it goes to the "burning station" and then some tip-rolling and after that to modifications... be prepared for something different this time[​IMG]
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  4. george_2002
    I would like to share my last 2 weeks experience with JiangHai DT86. My pair was already in transit when I’ve read negative comments in previous thread, so I was little bit disappointed. I was even more disappointed when they arrived and I’ve heard them for first time (connected to Cowon Plenue D). They sounded anything but nice.  Without any big hopes I’ve decided to do some burn in, so I let play daily various music for couple of hours and usually every second day I’ve quickly checked if there are any changes.  In past I’ve heard that burn in could help, but this is different they’re now like changed IEM’s. Sound is much more open, harsh in middle disappear, they’ve got nice little warm/natural tone. To my ears they’re quite balanced with good amount of details, but not boring and I’m really enjoying music. Vocals (male/female), guitars (electric/acoustic), piano, violin.... – it all sound so natural.
    Very very happy with them.
  5. audio123
    twister6 and me dont have good experience with them
  6. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] I very much am an advocate of burn in. However, I have an initial listen then I listen about every 50-100 Hours to avoid any "hearing adaptations or Brain burn in" from entering into the equation, as some would like to insist is the cause rather than a physical change in the drivers. I also burn in 2 or 3 IEMs at a time usually so I'm QUITE certain Burn in is genuine and NOT a placebo effect. DD drivers can change radically in a short period, BA's take much longer and the effects aren't as stark.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  7. audio123
    I will give another 2 weeks of burn in for the dt86
  8. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] This actually is quite true. When you are talking .00025 VS .00001% THD you are talking differences that aren't even perceptible to human hearing. You would have EXTREMELY accute hearing if you could hear 1 or 2% distortion, let alone the quality of the recordings in the digital domain having  major effects on the reproduction as well, regardless of the actual Source quality/ expense.  There are just too many factors to make a blanket statement.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  9. ChickenButcher
    I am truly surprised at how 2 identical Chinese IEMs sound so different!!
    The story is that I bought another pair of Senfer UEs cause I fell in love with the camo pattern. My original pair is carbon fiber, which I bought earlier in April (when they were first released). I received the new pair today and immediately realized that OOTB, the new pair is much better - the sound stage is wider and the highs are not as bright (I always felt that my original pair is sibilant and I had to eq it). For those that got the earlier batch of Senfer UEs and are not happy with them, give them another try! Now I learn my lesson not to buy Chinese IEMs immediately after they are released!
    P.S. Don't know if it's worth mentioning that I bought my original pair from the banned store, and the new pair from HCK Jim.
  10. Pjer Bezuhoff
    Can you help me to recognize is it Senfer UE (1DD) or UEs (1DD+1BA) ?
    Ordered UEs, but it sounds like Dynamic only.
    On my pic looks like no BA driver in the sound canal.
    Can anybody post a picture of UEs (very close to sound canal)
  11. hakuzen

    that one is 1DD. it happened to me, as well. jim from hck sent me a replacement (together with box and tips).
    in my last order of senfer ues to hck, the shipping took very long, and the senfer ues were missing: another wait month..
    pic of senfer 1DD (no BA in the nozzle), like yours:
  12. Pjer Bezuhoff
    Thanks for reply,
    I ordered my in HotFi store on Ali,
    compare to my Senfer 4in1 it's like Opel and Ferrari!
    by the way, i'm glad that I can "already" hear  difference between DD and hybrid IEMs :)
    Listen Onkyo HA-200 with Senfer 4in1 and I can hear the difference between 16/44 and 24/96 music
  13. kahaluu
    I've had a bad experience with the DT86 too. I don't think any more burn in will do them any justice. The tuning of these phones is just terrible.  
  14. audio123
    agreed but one member experience turned from bad to good so let continue burning in :wink:
  15. mochill
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