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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. tripside
    I am not against posting links to other websites. Its just self-promotion that I am not so comfortable with. People can have vested interests.
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  2. Zerohour88
    and why is that? Honestly asking, since I don't see a problem. You might have a better take on the issue that some of us are missing.
  3. Otto Motor
    cropped dark violet.jpeg logo new.jpeg logo3.jpeg Brainwavz B400 vs. B200 v.1 logo very small.jpeg small.jpeg cropped-GAR-logo-copy.018-1.jpeg
    GAR logo.013.jpeg

    [​IMG] https://www.audioreviews.org/

    cropped dark violet.jpeg

    cropped copy.jpeg

    After a short stint with the Brainwavz B400, I "replaced" it with the original 2 BA B200. From memory, the B400 is more detailed with a better resolution (it is the better earphone) and the B200 has a more focused treble with a bit more bite. The B200 v.1 is a better resolving B100 and made the latter somewhat redundant in my collection. All three are really good earphones and I wonder what Brainwavz will be releasing next.

    Brainwavz B200.jpg
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  4. trumpethead
    Listening to it right now and I concur with they above. Still a Great buy at 20 'bucks..considering a backup pair...
  5. Palash
    Penonaudio offering Black Friday Sale from 23.11- 30.11 , what could be the best to buy ?
  6. trellus
    Definitely agree, and it came with a really nice case, as a bonus!

    I did find that the included ear tips didn’t work well for me (no seal) and treble was piercing ... until I used Comply foam tips which completely fixed it! They will be great at the gym.
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  7. thejoker13
    I agree 100%. I owned both of the B200 and B400, and still listen to the B200 still today. Comfort is amazing with the B200, and I love the mids. They're a great value if someone is still able to find the V1 for sale.
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  8. Otto Motor
    And apart from sound and comfort, the B100/150/200 v.1 are very small and fit extremely snug and don't stick out of the ears...which makes them well suited for under a toque (Canadian-type hat) - or in bed.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
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  9. Theri0n
    What chi-fi IEM from the higher price level has sound signature similar to BQEYZ KC2 with better detail in mids and wider scene?
  10. TechnoidFR
    For me you must to pay 2x/4x thé price of kc2 to find better iem...you have a very good iem
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  11. Theri0n
    Absolutely agree. So I am particularly obsessed with its sound signature via balanced. So what 4x more expensive IEM could offer noticeable improvement in details and scene without piercing eardrums by trebles?
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
  12. TechnoidFR
    I don't know but I don't have piercing eardrums. I already found that is far better in high frequency compared to zs6. And is very wider too
    For the piercing treble what is your source?
  13. Theri0n
    BQEYZ KC2 has never pierced eardrums by trebles to the date.

    I wonder if there IEM with the similar sound signature offering noticeable improvement for details and scene. Usually wider and deeper scene is delivered by trebles, so there is the risk in having harsh peaks along the sought improvement.
  14. demo-to
    Same here for me. I really, really like the KC2 sound very much (very close to my sound perfection), but I also have the issue with the piercing highs/upper mids which is the only flaw for me with this item. (BTW, I already use Foamies which helps a lot - one recommended narrow bore silicon tips which does not work for me)
    I have the issue with my S9 as well with my Shanling M0 (lesser so with the M0).
    I ordered an OFC cable as I hope to tame it down just more. Will report if this works out good or not.

    I own and owned many much pricier IEMs but the KC2....just an amazing sound! But the piercing…

    If anyone can recommend a sounds-like-KC2 IEM...I am highly interested in, too!

    I do not know if I am too far away, but from what I have read in reviews, the CA Andromeda signature might fit in this direction. Of course this is much pricier. But if one can confirm this or can give a different view I would be very interested in that statement, too.

    So, need to find someone, who owns a 1,1k USD and the 40 USD item... anyone??? :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
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  15. Theri0n
    I have never had any piercing issues in trebles and mids with KC2.

    They sound just good by 3.5mm as really amazing via balanced (24 bucks cable).

    Source: Opus#1
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018

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