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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Theri0n
    Official launch is set for this week. As far as I understand the first batch has been delivered to Russia for the launch event.
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  2. hakuzen
    if audbos p4 (same drivers configuration than tenhz p4 pro, maybe slight different tuning) is very similar to p4 pro, which is very probable, you'll be able to listen to them fine, no eq needed. enough bass. guess some people tried to add some sub-bass through eq (and maybe some upper mids), but this is not necessary to enjoy the iems as they are.
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  3. april435
    Understood, thank you. Now comes "fun" waiting part.
  4. Dizzle77
    Think i’ll not be completing my DM6 pre order too. This seller does come across as dodgy. Just contacted customer services and it appears pre orders can’t be cancelled. Only need to not make payment on 11.11 and order will automatically cancel and pre order refund within 3-20days. This correct?
  5. april435
    Yes, this is correct. The actual "11.11" sale period is 10.11 to 12.11, so if you don't pay the rest of the price during that period your order will be closed on November 12th and your money refunded sometime after that.
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  6. Dizzle77
    Think i might just order from penon seller instead
  7. aspire5550

    First of all, I am not affiliated with the aliexpress seller in any way.

    1) This is just a pre- order, no sales has officially gone through, it is like you are just paying deposit to reserve your item. In another hobby, the mechanical keyboard community actually pays full amount during a group buy . and the person organizing the groupbuy then submit the order to the factory to manufacture the keyboards according to the order.
    2) DM6 is actually a customizeable IEM. They will manufacture the IEM 1 by 1 based on your order. Other than the normal color options, the official BGVP seller offers custom color/glitter and even custom pictures for each individual DM6 order. Of course the more customization option, the pricier is the cost.
    3) As per point 2, 11.11 is a super huge event and is not only limited to aliexpress. Taobao will also be bombarded by china customers as well as asia customers.
    4) to give an idea, based on google, China alone have 1.3+ billion people while US have 300+million and Europe have 700+million. (Might be outdated but you get an idea)
    5) Hence the seller send you a message to at least get a verbal confirmation that you are indeed interested for the item. They will submit the order ahead of time so that they can have the item ready on 11.11.
    6) Logistics is another issue as there are record breaking orders being shipped every year in taobao alone.
    7) The paypal refund is indeed out of the normal standard procedure. To be perfectly safe, you can go through aliexpress dispute. There is zero chance that you won't get the aliexpress refund if you dispute it there as it is a very reputable company.
    8) The only reason I can think of why they prefer to go through paypal refund is because they get to keep the transaction count. Having 50 orders compared to 5 orders, I'm sure 99% of the people will buy from the shop that has more orders. There are many shops and vendors selling the same thing, competition is very intense in China, every small advantage over the competition matters to them.
    9) Lastly, I blame everything on the cultural difference and lack of english proficiency from the aliexpress sellers. Ebay/amazon and taobao are 2 similar but very different platform as the culture is totally different.

    In the end, buy at your own risk. i'm just here to shed some light into how aliexpress and taobao works for those of you who is outside of china/asia, as I have been buying from both sites for more than 5 years without any problem. Those items that is damaged or didn't get to ship, I do get the refund from aliexpress dispute or taobao dispute, never have I received the offer from the seller to do a paypal refund.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2018
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  8. aspire5550
    This is exactly why penon manage to be a "reputable seller", because people buy from them and give reviews.

    Imagine there are 20 sellers selling the same thing in aliexpress, all of them are actually genuine seller with good ethics. But only 5 of them manage to sell the item. Because the other 15 didn't get to have any reviews / orders at all.
  9. phrancini

    There are a lot of things that don't add up. This is the second time that this seller puts the dm6 for sale at a very discounted price. Last time NOBODY received it. Many people reported fake tracking codes and a lot of lies.

    I'm sure AliExpress would handle the situation with ease, but it takes time. I prefer (this is just my opinion) to pay a little extra and be safe.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2018
  10. aspire5550
    Yep, make sure to be safe than sorry. I didn't know about any of the incidents that you mentioned. if those did actually happen, then better be safe than sorry.

    Anyway, 11.11 is when sales happen, no? XD
    Would you question why that item is having a huge discount on black friday sales or cyber monday or boxing day?
  11. aspire5550
    latest update ,I just talked to BGVP‘s taobao official store :
    153usd DM6 preorder in aliexpress is fake.

    Massdrop is their partner, but the delivery for the massdrop orders will be very slow.
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  12. phrancini

    I'm glad somebody finally put this scam to rest.
    They won't be getting my final payment.

    Thank you!

    We now need a way to inform other people on the forum.
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  13. drag0nslayer
    So aliexpress seller gonna sent us fake DM6? :D
  14. phrancini
    It's not gonna send you anything, most likely.
  15. drag0nslayer
    what he is gonna do with our money then? Is there anybody here who actually received dm6 from him? and its gonna be my first case on aliexpress in 4 years like this.

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