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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Wiljen
    couple others with similar signatures in the recent clone wars review on my blog too, but like the one mentioned above, not something that can be discussed here.
  2. chinmie
    try decreasing the nozzle diameter with silicone/sorbothane piece like @Slater often suggests. i like the results better as it doesn't effect the bass mids and warm up the overall tone like using foams
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  3. Lurk650
    Woke up this morning and decided I wanted to pull the trigger on the IT01 finally. Wanted another single DD at the $100 price point to compare with my TK9T. Got them in my ears now (Amazon Same Day) and so far they are just what I was imagining.
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  4. MDH12AX7

    Had to get in on the V80 love....
  5. eggnogg
    i use 3mm silicon core from shure foam tips instead to reduce nozzle size. cut it and stuff inside.
    plus teabag filter beneath, it works wonder.

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  6. AudioObsession
    Did you order something through HotFi?
  7. AudioObsession
    I tried, but got no replies... :frowning2:
    At least I got my refund today...
    It might be a blessing in disguise; after reading @audio123 review of the BGVP DM6 and also some of the impressions of the DMG, I'm thinking one or BOTH of those would be even better for me than the ToneKing T4...Either way, I'll wait till 11-11 before I purchase anything else.
  8. peter123
    The QT2 is really good, haven't heard the Z5000 though....
  9. randomnin
    Okay, after some tip rolling I've changed my opinion about TRN V80's treble - it's not unnatural, it's unremarkable. But not bad. Now, without equalizing I still maintain that lead guitar and some vocals are veiled - that's fixed with increasing 3-5kHz area. I don't find any extra quality in bass. Also, left nozzle comes off partially, so sub-par build quality. Overall, V80 seems slightly worse than KZ ES4, though the latter also takes some equalizing - a bit extra 8-16 kHz and a bit off of 20-250Hz.
  10. Wiljen
    I've played with the tips a good bit and while it does effect the quantity of treble, it does little to improve the grain or distortion that come with the v80,
  11. HungryPanda
    I just got the TRN V80 yesterday and honestly get no distortion on the treble
  12. FastAndClean
    me to, no distortion on my pairs, they are just bright, but i am ok with that
  13. crabdog
    Me three, no distortion in the treble. BUT as I said somewhere earlier it's the V80's treble that makes it a good earphone instead of a great one.
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  14. Wiljen
    Somebody who has a good Tull collection, please listen to Hunting girl with the V80 and particularly listen for the flute. I just re-listened to it (40 anniversary edition of Songs from the Wood - Hdtracks 24/96 flac) and the distortion is evident both at 0:33 in and at 3:34. I'm now interested in whether I got a bad driver in the right earpiece as it is more pronounced on one side but not completely absent on the other. My luck continues.

    Just for sake of argument, I tried using my desktop setup (Modi Mb, Valhalla, Cascade/HD700) and didnt hear it so it is not inherent in the track as I think the Cascade and HD700 are at least as resolving as the v80.

    I also tried it from my Opus #1s and the AK70Mk2 just to eliminate the source and with 2 different cables to eliminate that. It is in the earpiece but whether it is a design issue or a QC issue now stands in question.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
  15. FastAndClean
    i will try that, is the 40th Anniversary Edition ok for the test?

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