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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. B9Scrambler
    Semi-open back :)
  2. riffrafff
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  3. mbwilson111
    Fishing reels!
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  4. Saoshyant
    I think I’d take the radioactive over the Spider-Man web shooter
  5. luedriver
    with all this talk of higher impedance iems, Idk if anyone mentioned monk ie biggie, which has 80ohm resistance

    ve monk ie smalls have 24 ohm
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  6. taygomi
  7. Wiljen
    What do you need a CPU in your headphone for?
  8. taygomi
    ive no idea at all.

    ae says so, i dont know if this is legit
  9. Wiljen
    The picture is really odd on that one as it says 2 ba in the description but it sure looks like a dynamic and maybe two in the shell. Reminds me a lot of a Mogco review sample I got from Gear awhile back that was one of the darkest things I have heard to date.
  10. audio123
    semi open-back!
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  11. superuser1
    Has anyone posted this earlier?


    1. Product Name: audbos k5 In Ear Earphone
    2. Type: In-ear
    3. Model: k5
    Impedance: 32Ω
    5. Earphone sensitivity: 100dB/mW
    6. Frequency range: 20-40KHz
    7. Interface: 3.5mm
    8. Cable Length: 1.2m
    9. Color: Silvery Color
    Whether with mic: No
    11.Earphone plug type: Line type
    12.Earphone Interface Type: MMCX
    13.Drive unit: 2DD+2BA Hybrid drive unit
    14.Whether with earphone upgrade cable: Yes
  12. metabaron
    It seems that Monoprice sells a very similar (looks almost identical) cable on their website for $29 and you get it from the US (I am thinking of getting it). By the way, I also have the MP80 and I agree with your assessment. It was an impulse buy for me and I am super happy with it, I get US warranty, and I love how they sound.
  13. robervaul
    TFZ SECRET GARDEN series: 3BA 6BA 12BA

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  14. liquidrats
    Hmmmm TFZ and BA drivers??? Hmmmmmm
  15. superuser1
    Now that is something id like to try! Thanks for sharing.

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