CHIFI LOVE Thread-A never ending IEM-Heaphones-DAP-Dongles Sound Value Quest
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  Heck if the screen is decent, with a 20hr playback battery life it's already better than my X2. Same could be said for the K9 as well but AUX out is great if I get an amp later on.

+1 It is a BIG plus!

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  Is this one still unheard? I was about to pull the trigger on the new K9 when I saw this one has a aux jack


First review:
I had planned to do a full video, but my initial enthusiasm is well curbed. They dropped the DAC idea, the haptic is 'cheap' compared to Fiio ... it feels bigger than it should be. The AUX jack could be very cool for people who record DJ sets from the soundboard. 
And I really do not like that they mucked up the minimalist / blank design by adding big printed labels to show newbies what each button does. 
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on the dx80 which is supposedly a bright dap, the k4 is very bright when being paired.
switching to the cayin n5, a warm dap, the brightness is being toned down and it is very balanced.
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Hi guys! I'm new to this forum. I just read through the last 10 pages and saw a lot of earphones. After googling all of them (yea I did), I still don't quite know which to get as I'm very new to this. I have previously been using Audio Technica's IM70 but one side of the earphones seem to have become softer than the other. As such, I'm looking for a replacement. My budget would be $40 USD? Can anyone recommend a pair? Is there a definite best in this price range?

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