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Chicago area head fi meet 3/23

  1. CreditingKarma
    The generous team at F1Audio is hosting a meet at their location in Palatine on 3/23.

    F1 Audio
    311 E Dundee Rd Palatine IL 60074


    1pm start

    Here is a link to sign up and post items that you want to bring.


    @JamesonM is the Headphone guru and more at the store. I am sure that he can add to this as well as elaborate on the equipment that might be there in addition to items that we bring.
    Will keep everyone updated on how much space there is too.

    Look forward to seeing everyone there.
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  3. JamesonM
    Hey everyone,

    Currently we have the Chord Dave, Hugo TT 2, Hugo 2, Mojo, Qutest, Poly, and Hugo M-Scaler on display. We'll have the MrSpeakers Ether 2 and Meze Empyrean on display by then, hopefully along with a few pieces from other brands we're working on getting in. I'll update this as we know more. We have a Chord Etude on order currently, but we don't know that it'll be in by then. Also working on getting a Meze Rai Penta and the Octave V16 headamp in.

    The Magico A3s with D'agostino Progression Stereo and Pre and Transparent Plus level cabling along with Magico S3mk2s with D'Agostino Momentum S250 and Transparent Ultra level cabling are on display as well and will be set up for the meet.

    If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to message me or post here.

    Look forward to the meet!
  4. Audio Addict Contributor
    I probably won't be able to make it as I plan to be at Axpona for its 3 days. I will make sure to stop in to the F1 Audio room at Axpona and say hi!!

    I have posted this on the ChiUniFi group page on Facebook along with sharing it to a few other headphone groups.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
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  5. JamesonM
    No worries!

    We have a big display at the Nirvana lounge at Axpona this year, and we’ll be bringing some very special gear back to the store for a few days following Axpona.

    Feel free to stop by any time, and thanks for sharing!
  6. Keithpgdrb
    Man. I’d love to hear that magico setup. I’m a fan. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend.
  7. lukeslens
    Awesome! I'll be staying in town for C2E2 that weekend, so that works out beautifully for myself.
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  8. chimney189
    I should be able to make this :)
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  9. buonassi
    Will update google doc and see u guys soon. thanks to @CreditingKarma and @KingCharizard who really took the lead on this to see it through.
  10. KingCharizard
    All credit to @CreditingKarma and @JamesonM who did the real work, though I like to think I was good emotional support! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!
  11. CyberAthlete
    I'll be there. I can bring my Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies (With Tung-Sol tubes) and HD800S. Do I need to bring any other cable besides the Power cable? Since I use it with my PC USB, I don't have any analog cables.
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  12. JamesonM
    No worries, we’ll have a few balanced and unbalanced analog cables as well as power cables available to use. We should have a couple USB cables as well but not as many. Mostly from Transparent.
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  13. janieldun
    I'll be there! I can bring an AudioGD R2R-11 and Fostex TH-X00. In the process of buying a few more cans, so hopefully I can bring a few other headphones (JVC SZ2K & Focal Elex).
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  14. CyberAthlete
    I'll be there by 1230pm guys to meet up. My only thing is that I have to leave by 545pm as my wife is hosting a party at home and I have to be back home for that. I will bring my gear with me but will have to start packing up by 530pm.

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