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Checking on some things before buying a new pair of cans

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by Scribblex, Apr 5, 2018.
  1. Scribblex
    Im a pretty competitive PUBG player, although i understand that the game is unfinished in many aspects i still see some streamers totally getting directional audio as clear as they can. I have two pair of headphones one is the Philips Fidelio which is plugged into the GSX 1000 for single player gaming and the other is the Audio Tehnica 700x for strictly competitve and audio positioning. I have the Asus Formula IX motherboard so i plugged the AD700x straight in. Sometimes i feel like im missing out on some audio ques and im not sure why since hardware side it should all be ok (i have been considering exchanging my ad700x for DT990 32Ohms version for this reason alone).
    I also have Loudness Equalization enabled in AD700x because even PUBG isnt worth damaging my hearing. I heard from some sources that the new creator windows update ****s up the sound although im not sure...
    What should i do to improve my audio positioning in PUBG?
  2. Fan0Cans
    Hi, while i have no experience with the Fidelio (would love to try a pair) i can say the 700x's are great gaming headphones in general and very highly regarded by gamers all over who have tried them. So you're good to go on that front.

    second.. watch this video, and realize.. you're good with whatever you run.. that games broken.


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