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Cheapest Sennheiser IE 8?

  1. iOnlyEatMusic
    Been using Skull Candy In-Ears for couple of years now and I'm getting sick of them. I tried various amounts of in-ears and over heads and I decided to stick with In-ears. I heard the IE8's are among the best for the $200-$300 price tag range.
    However, I see some real ones going from $150 - $300 so I was wondering if you guys can recommend me some sites that sell them for the cheapest on the web with them being real and not fakes? Unopened - Not used.
    Many Thanks!


  2. mbamg
    Why would you spend over $100 if you don't even know what you're looking for? Start in the $30-50 range. You'll find a lot of IEMs marginally better than any Skullcandy.
  3. iOnlyEatMusic
    What? I already said that I'm looking to buy the IE8. I just want to people to help and recommend some websites that sell them for the cheapest price on the web.
  4. TrantaLocked
    You can put up an ad in the trade forum here, but other than that ONLY buy from Sennheiser authorized dealers, and don't even consider used IE8s on amazon and ebay. 
    Just know that you may be disappointed as I was when I made a huge jump. In ear headphones, in reality, differ very little from each other and many audiophiles exaggerate what they hear. The more expensive the headphones gets, the less improvement it makes over the headphone a step below it. As suggested, even a $50 in ear would be great jump. The IE8s are supposed to be brilliant, but you would thoroughly enjoy the IE6 or IE7, both retaining a lot of the IE8 sound but selling for a ton less. If you're not planning on upgrading again then yeah, don't waste time and money and go big. Just don't be disappointed.
  5. Poimandres
    When I purchased mine a few years back I ordered them through razordogdeals2008 on ebay, he is an authorized dealer.  He currently lists new IE8's for 349 with a make offer button.  You may be able to get them for less.
  6. RallyMaster

    RazorDog is very much a legit seller. I've purchased HD600s from them and won a pair of IE80 via their Facebook page. Excellent communication as well so I definitely recommend it.
  7. Poetik
    You could always buy them from me =)
  8. -y0-
    I got mine from JR electronics for $255 shipped but it looks like it's on order and not in stock right now. Anyways, you'd have to call them and negotiate to get that price.
  9. iOnlyEatMusic
    Thank you everybody who posted something. I'll look into those sites, if anyone else has any other suggestions please do post them.

    I honestly don't plan on upgrading or buying any other headphones/IEM in the future if I buy these. Which is why I rather just spend big and buy these and not spend any more money on IEM's.


    If PM you. :)
    How did you negotiate a price with them?
  10. JianStuart
    I just bought a new IE8. It seems that I have lots of things to learn. .....:frowning2:  I bought it from website. very very cheap. However, I am the lucky guy. It is original.  :)
  11. iOnlyEatMusic

    Can you tell me what website you used? :) 
  12. Dougeefresh


    Yeah, please share it! :)
    I am looking for a pair as well and the prices are pretty steep at this point.
  13. rank08822
    How did people get the IE8s for much cheaper than listed from RazorDog? Did they just e-mail him and metnion they were head-fi members? I can't imagine the "make offer" option on ebay letting you buy them for below 300$
  14. lostid


    They used to offer instant discount (15% and 20%) depending on the amount of your purchase. Yes email to Brian Larson (blarson@razordogdeals.com) and ask for discount. No way you pay for the listed price.
  15. Overkill Red
    When I got my IE8s I got them directly from the razordogdeals website.
    They're out of stock right now though...

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