cheapest price on senn hd 485,555 and 595
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Feb 20, 2006
Hi guys I've come to bother you guys again,
I am looking to one of these headphones and I am wondering if you can tell me I you know of a store that sells them for cheaper,the cheapest I ve found the:
HD-485-$70 from
HD-555-$105 from inetdistributers
and Hd-595-175 also from inetdistributers

do you know where I could find any of these for less money.
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I purchased my 595's refurbished from an Ebay seller. Though they didn't come with a box or the headstand that is apparently part of the normal package, they only cost 171 with shipping.
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If you are willing to go with ebay you can get them sometimes if you wait for quite a bit cheaper. Heres the lowest shipped I've seen for mint condition Sennheisers with or without boxes.

Sennheiser HD485: $55
Sennheiser HD515: $60
Sennheiser HD555: $80
Sennheiser HD595: $150
Sennheiser HD590: $105
Sennheiser HD580: $85
Sennheiser HD600: $180
Sennheiser HD650: $260

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