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Cheapest place to get Monster Turbines without getting scammed?

  1. Music3nthusi3st
    I've decided that I want to give the monster turbines a shot, but I have noticed they go for a bit of money. I was wondering where would the cheapest place to get them at without getting scammed? I've heard of people getting them for like 50$ but they never disclosed where they got them or they had a sale at one point. Help? lol I've bought fake stuff before thinking it was a good deal so I want to be extra careful this time.
  2. soundstige
    Monster.com, refurb deals. But everything other than the MTPC and maybe MTPG are a waste of time/money.
  3. Music3nthusi3st
    what do you mean? Im coming from the klipsch image s4(plain dissapointment) and am not necessarily and audiophile but I cant stand cheap headphones like skullcrappies etc.
  4. soundstige
    Klipsch S4 stink too. Sorry, I'm being a bit pessimistic, or negative. But what I'm trying to say is there are better choices out there for your money, things you'll enjoy more. Monster is almost never a good choice, they're hardly one step up from Skullcandy. You should check out joker's huge thread of reviews to find things that perform the best. What kind of sound do you like, and what kind of music do you listen to?
  5. tgx78
    wait for Canadian boxing day sale at Visions Electronics or Futureshop?
    Last year Monster Turbine Pro Coppers were: $93.99 - $99.99 
  6. Music3nthusi3st
    Do you think I'd be happier with something like the Head-Direct RE0? I am looking for an IEM thats below 100$ for all genres. I am a music fanatic and love the details and emotions behind music (melting at the sound of the singers voice and the instruments behind him/her) my music taste is across the board so I really cant just listen to a couple of genres or most genres because I frankly listen to all genres. from country to pop to rap to metal to dubstep to reggae etc.

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