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Cheap single driver balanced armature IEM's?

  1. uhhuhh
    Hi there!
    I'm looking for the cheapest dual balanced armature driver IEM available in Sweden, since I need them as soon as possible. Buying them from a country outside the EU, would take ages and the cost for customs, shipping and taxes would probably make them the most expensive dual drivers...
    The ones that I'm looking at right now, are the Ultimate Ears 700, which are available for SEK 1090,00. Here's a link to "Prisjakt", which is a Swedish website that compares prices:
    -> http://www.prisjakt.nu/kategori.php?b=s93119477&o=produkt_pris_inkmoms#rparams=b=s93121169
    Are there any cheaper dual driver IEM's than the UE700:s?
    Edit: I meant dual driver, and not single driver.
  2. Tangster
    Can you find the JVC HA-FXT90 in Sweden? They are dual dynamics though, if you're really set on BA they aren't for you.
  3. uhhuhh
    I really want a dual balanced armatures, so I don't think that the JVC's are the sort of IEM's that I'm looking for. :frowning2:
    If you all "forget" about Sweden - Which 2xBA IEM's are generally cheaper than the UE700's? :)
  4. Tangster
    Brainwavz B2
    Sony XBA 2
    Creative Aurvana in-ear 3
    That's all I can think of that's close to the UE700s.
  5. GN-0015
    Try to look for Rock It Sound R-50. I myself never heard about them but rave reviews don't come out of no reason.
  6. AstroTurf
    Apple In Ear Monitors
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  7. uhhuhh
    Thanks for all your help! :)

    I can't decide between the Creative Aurvana 3 or the JTS IE-1 (single dynamic driver though, but they seem very interesting). I prefer the "over ear" look on IEM's. :wink:

    Has anyone here a pair of the IE-1's? I've personally never heard of the brand before.

    I'll place the order om sunday so I still have some time to decide which ones I'm going to purchase, so keep the suggestions and feedback coming. :wink:
  8. ClieOS Contributor
    I don't much about JTS (the same variance has been sold on eBay as OSP EU-4, I think), but I'll advice against Aurvana IE3. You'll be better off with UE700 or RockIt Sound R-50 than IE3.
  9. uhhuhh
    Thanks for all your help once again!
    I decided to go for a quad-BA and cheap noodles for one month instead. :)
  10. AstroTurf

    Kewl Beans...

    Let us know how you like em!

    Cheers, Jim
  11. Techno Kid
    You know what I'm going to say, the R-50 and it is much better than the Aurvana IE3.  The UE700 wouldn't be bad either, its got a more consumer friendly sound with the more relaxed highs than the R-50 but the R-50's highs aren't harsh, they're crisp with good sparkle.  Both the UE700 and R-50 have a above average soundstage but the R-50's imaging and separation is a bit better imo.
  12. tinyman392
    Which quad?
  13. GN-0015
    Probably the UE900 [​IMG]
  14. pow3rs
    I am sure you can get Westone um1 from your side, give it a try. its best for its instrumental separation, good start for your music addiction
  15. Tangster
    I wish cheap noodles would pay for the IEM I've been eyeing. More like 3 months bread and water. :frowning2:
    What did you choose in the end?

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