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Cheap IEM equvilent to ep-630. Bang for the buck IEM.

  1. v3nato
    Hello fellow Head-fi user.
    I recently created an account but have followed the site for  years.
    I recently purchased the Panasonic RP-HTF600-S after they received so much positive feedback from the forum.
    They are cheap and great headphones.

    So my question is if there is some kind of equivalence in IEM?

    I read about the Monoprice 8320 (MEP-933) and they seem to be great but since the company sadly doesn't ship to Europe (Sweden) I have to look elsewhere.

    I have the ep-630 and I'm quite pleased with the audio but they a little to ''muddy''.
    And I hate the rubber/silicone cable that goes with them. It tangles up all the time and pulls easily.

    So if you have any thoughts or ideas please do share.

  2. n00b
    Hi there,
    I own the Sharp MD-33 which is I believe the original Japanese incarnation of the EP-630/CX300, as well as the MEP 8320s. I would say if you are used to the 630s but want tighter bass and a better cable, the Monoprices may not be for you. Their sound signature seems to be warm but more mid-forward with some bass but less bass impact and extension. They are also uncomfortably large (imo) compared to something small like the EP-630 and the ergonomics of its design make it difficult for me to get a proper seal, even after changing the poor included stock tips. Moreover, their cord is a crinkly mess, I don't think you would like that either. 
    With that said, I suggest you look at the Philips SHE3580 if you can find a source for it. It's very small and comfortable like the ep-630 with a similar sound signature except its subbass extension seems much tighter and less muddy than the ep-630. Its cord does tangle quite a bit though, and it dose have some microphonics issues, but I find that wearing them over the ear mitigates both of these problems entirely during use.
    Good luck!
  3. v3nato
    Thank for the tip.
    Read this thread and the philips seems great!!!

    But one question about the cable, do they have a rubbery/silicone cable like the ep-630?
    If they do then I have to look elsewhere :frowning2:


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