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Jul 23, 2012
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Jul 23, 2012
First of all, sorry for my bad English, i'm spanish and I will do my best 

I'm searching a headset for multiple tasking, playing games like Battlefield or Fifa 13, enjoy music (dubstep & 80's), and watch films. (50/25/25)%
I've seen a few models:
- Siberia V2. All the reviews I've seen are positive, althought in this forum seem to be a junk. (66€)
- Asus Vulcan ANC: this case is similar to the siberia, but the design is not as dissembled. (76€)
- There are more models for less price than the Vulcan cans? At the beginning, I thought in spending less than 70€
- Creative Fatal1ty Gamign Headset: I suspect that this cans are not as good as the last mentioned, but I don't know If I will be conformed with this ones. (28€)
Useful info:
- I want a headset, not a headphone plus a micro.
- The micro must be detachable.
- I've owned a Superlux 661, which for me are useless without EQ, and a bit uncomfortable, the quality of the materials, for me, are 8 to 10.
- I have 2 intrauricular audio systems: Sennheiser CX400II (absolutely perfect for me), and a Sony EX310LP (a bit dissapointing, quite unconfortable, and don't have the bass of the sennheiser).
Well...I think that's all xD. Hope you can help me on that decision!


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