Cheap&Easy DIY replacement headband for FA-003 (may fit other models as well)

  1. jonas5

    The original (full plastic) headband for the old version of Fischer FA-003 has some weak points. Especially the root of the forks that holds the cups. My headband lasted 6 years of very frequent use (as main can), so it isn't too shabby. I could probably have saved it if I took repair action earlier in the cracking process, but I was lazy and put it off until it was too late to be easy. The new version of the headphone, FA-003Ti, has an updated headband with aluminum fork which is also available for separate purchase, but costs 88 USD (yikes!) and seems to be perpetually out of stock. Therefore I decided to make my own headband with main criterions being ease of building and low cost. Take a look at the photos below to see the result.

    The wire is from a wire clothes hanger. The main band is some type of metal band I found in my parents basement and it is quite flexible (it's stored as a roll), so I needed to have double layer of it. The whole 10 meter roll costs about 10 USD at my local hardware shop here in Norway. Used a hecksaw for cutting, a couple of pliers for bending and a metal file for rounding off the sharp edges of the cuts.

    - Easy and fast to build.
    - Require just a few tools. You may get by with only one plier for both cutting and bending if it's the type with dual function and you will tolerate some frustration (or just cut by bending repeatedly until the metal snaps from material fatigue).
    - Cheap.
    - Sturdy.
    - Minimal.

    - Comfortable even without cushioning if you have hair (quite possible to add some cushioning on the top band).
    - A build that probably can be made to fit several different cans.

    - Headband length cannot be adjusted (must be made to fit the users head).
    - A little bit ugly (can be made nicer with some work).
    - May be prone to bending out of shape depending on choice of materials (mine seems sturdy so far, clamping force can be adjusted to be great enough to be annoying).





  2. Oscar-HiFi
  3. jonas5
    Ah, thanks!! Didn't know about those. Will borrow my friends DT770, pick it off and test whether they fit or not before I buy it. Looks just right!

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