cheap dac solution with stereo out
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Jan 9, 2009
Came researching for a cheap dac and found some great suggestions here...but i have a few questions....i currently already have a devilsound dac which is a small device with integrated usb to plug into my mac, and stereo external power brick necessary...unfortunately i dont want to spend another $400 on a similar dac, so need something cheap. i like the Ele eld01 since its damn cheap...but have a few concerns.
my setup is as follows:
nad c372 integrated amp, connected to b&w 684 speakers.
i want to hook up the dac to one of the stereo inputs on the amp, and plug it into a small archlinux arm powered machine thats going to be an airplay receiver (the devilsound is tested and works perfectly on it).
Also i want something that doesn't require an external secondary power brick.
my questions are as follows:
1-can i use a line out to stereo (red and white) cable to connect from the headphone out jack to the red and white input on my amp? does this lose any quality?
2-Do these dacs need any kind of drivers at all? my devilsound works driverless so i had no problem hooking it up to my archlinux machine (and mac before that)
3-is it worth to get the hifimediy sabre instead - consider my usage as an airplay solution? (if i can indeed use a line out to stereo splitter to begin with)
4-if a stereo out from line output is not recommended whats a cheap dac that has a red white stereo output built in, that is powered off usb directly? i don't need any other inputs or outputs such as optical, coax, etc.

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