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Cheap and Bassy IEM (Not Blon-03)

  1. hi-fi amateur
    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for a less than $50 IEM to use at the gym. Ideally a bassy iem that offers great comfort. I bought the blon-03 but could never get a good fit.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  2. yong_shun
  3. PaganDL
    I second the Sif @yong_shun,

    Nice IEM indeed though personally & subjectively, needs a better cable from a comfort standpoint, I recommend ISN Audio C 16 or H 16.

    Hope everyone has a great day !
  4. surfgeorge
    On a more general note - I also find getting a good fit both challenging and crucial for IEMs to deliver what they are capable of.
    It took me many tries to find the right tips, but it makes a big difference. Ear canals are also very different.
    In my case the Spinfit range seems to offer the best seal and fit, but that's really a personal thing.

    So if you like the sound of an IEM, I'd recommend trying different tips.
  5. Redcarmoose
    Fit is absolutely everything. Almost.
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  6. martiniCZ
    I definitely recommend Tiandirenhe TD1, amazing bass, but not only, also everithing other is fine for me. It uses the same drivers as paiaudio DR2, but it's cheaper, be sure to buy the cable elsewhere. Fitting and isolation is absolutly perfect.

    I use the TD1 every day, only when I want to enjoy more detail, I take the TRN V90, they also have nice bass and fits great, but TD1 clearly leads in the sub bass area
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
  7. hi-fi amateur
    Ok, thanks everyone.

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