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May 12, 2009

i am looking for some amplifier for my headphones.Currently i own Akg K518dj but wanna change them to HD555 or something simillar.I don't wanna spend more than 100pounds on that as i am not an audiophile.It doesn't have to be new,can by hybrid and can be diy as well. I already bought Hammond case to fit it in. What would you recomend, i am using Ipod Line-out as a main source of music and in the future it won't change. What would you recommend for me?

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Check out the Jaycar thread. With some tweaking, it can sound very good.

You should probably not have bought a case until you know whats going to fit in it.

Another one you could try is the "super simple" headphone amp based on this board: 6DJ8 Single End Tube Head Phone Amp Bare PCB for DIY - eBay (item 310149926304 end time Jun-26-09 09:54:05 PDT)

It can be built for around $100US, and the builders are pretty pleased with the sound quality.
The Jaycar is solid state, so these two amps would have quite a different sound. I personally really like my hybrid CTH so I would probably lean more toward the SuperSimple.
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Go DIY if possible. I'd recommend starting a thread in the DIY Forum with your budget, musical preferences and a list of headphones you plan to buy or want to buy. Also, tell us about electronics you've built or repaired. You'll get great recommendations.

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