Chatham/TS 2399: on pair for sale.
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For Sale
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Apr 15, 2013
See pic below, this is the  pair that's for sale.  I'm selling simply because I need to make room and have too many tubes lying around collecting dust.
Some tubes have to go or my wife walks.  My wife walking risks costing me money so it's an easy choice :wink:
There are some small build differences between these and the TS branded 5998 tubes but do your homework and google them:  to me they sound exactly the same.  From what I understood they were built by TS and there are even some rather unscrupulous vendors who sell them as such.  
Selling them 20 EUR cheaper than my 5998 because, well, they're not labeled 5998 but if you don't care about the name but only about the sound:  go for it.  The price includes international, tracked and insured shipping.
As I mentioned in another classified, I don't own a tester so can't measure them; they were sold to me as NOS and I've logged 53 hours on this pair.
Not interested in trades, not interested in haggling and I don't split the pair.
For the sale: I'm not hard to deal with but I want to get my cash and I want you happy so:
1.  I'd prefer buyers in the EU but will ship anywhere except the African continent, Russia or Italy, price is in Euro for the pair (2 tubes depicted) though.  Caution:  when shipped out of Europe all costs related to customs are at charge of the buyer.  I will NOT underdeclare the value on the docs as this ties in to the insurance.
2. Payment is either PayPal or transfer to my bank account (IBAN).  Buyer pays PayPal fees.  I encourage you to use PayPal commercial, this is for your benefit and safety, not mine.  If you use Paypal I will ONLY ship to the name/address associated with the account, no exceptions.
3. Shipping is via BPost package, registered and insured.
4. I offer a 7 day after receipt no quibble warranty:  you pay for shipping  back the tubes (tracked and insured), covering shipping and any customs fees.  Upon receipt back of the tubes I refund what you paid and we're square.  But I trust it won't come to this.
5. Negative feedback here (as a buyer or as a seller) or on the site for less than 6 months:  don't bother, I need no grief.
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