changing the 1/4" headphone jack on DV336SE?

  1. atarione

    I have a problem with my Darkvoice 336SE that I'm mostly certain is just the headphone jack itself..

    the issue is the preamp outputs Left /Right channel fine ... however the headphone output is particularly prone to dropping the right channel .. the issue is becoming worse over time.. at first simply unplugging the headphones and plugging them back in resolved issue..(multiple pairs of headphone that don't have this issue with other it isn't the headphones).. but not the problem has become more and more annoying involving plugging headphone in 1/2 dozen times and twisting ...etc futzing with the headphone before you can actually get the right channel working..sometimes the right channel with drop out again.. however once it is working it mostly works until the next time you try to use the amp..

    If anyone can give me tips for gaining access to the headphone jack (namely getting the front panel of the DV336 SE off and or if anyone has done this job in the past any tips would be readily and gratefully accepted..

    also suggestions for part to use for the actually replacement would also be happily received...

    Cheers thank you in advance for any information /tips ..etc you may have..
  2. rellik
    It works, just leave it running with the headphones plugged in. Idle or playing music.

    Switching to laptop or cell phone source temporarily will help.
  3. DutchGFX
    Can u post a pic of the amp and front panel? Surely it's just a few screws, but the issue might be in actually removing the front panel after unscrewing it. Sometimes the wires are so perfectly sized that it's impossible to remove. Pictures will help and will help identify suitable replacement parts
  4. rellik
    Put the whole setup headphones and all in the freezer and then run it after thawing. Often works wonders on dead harddrives.
  5. HiGHFLYiN9
    This is a pic of the inside:


    The jack doesn't look familiar. You're probably better off ordering the part directly from Darkvoice, otherwise the front of the jack may be too large if you ordered something like a Neutrik.
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  6. atarione
    so.... as it turns out .. fix was apparently easier than I was expecting.. found bad solder joint and all is good now..

    thanx for the helpful and also the amusing suggestions.... next time I will certainly try the freezer trick.. oh wait ... no no i will not..
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  7. rellik
    Maybe you prefer listening to music at the Electric Factory. I can just tell from the photo that you were just there.

    The question is if you are amused, because clearly I am. Otherwise I have failed...Preferably stick to one handle (account). I dont know if anyone really cares.

    Either that or you need some replacement parts.

    In all honesty, just send it for repair. Maybe even call DarkVoice up and they may throw in some upgrades :)
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