(CHANGED) EMPIRE EARS ZEUS XRA custom + ADEL B1/G1 modules (MINT 10/10) new price!

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by MikeRight, Aug 18, 2017.
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  1. MikeRight
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    I am helping a good friend to sell his ZEUS XRA custom with B1 and G1 ADEL modules.
    He bought the CIEMs three months ago to Empire Ears (first owner) but he is not able to use them because a problem in his ears.

    + Whiplash balanced cable for AK (2.5mm)
    + B1 Adel module (black)
    + G1 Adel module (red)
    + Empire Ears original hard case
    + Empire Ears original soft cases (big and small one)
    + Empire Ears cleaning tool
    + Empire Ears original box

    + MINT 10/10
    + First owner
    + Used a few times because the ears problem

    + Empire Ears offers this service.
    + You decide if you want to reshell the ciems to a new ones (with your design) or convert into universal.

    + International shipping included





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  2. MikeRight
  3. MikeRight
  4. casper3127
    Cannot believe that they're still on sale... :fearful:
  5. Tornvald
    I don't believe you could sell for this price.
    EE reshell cost 700$ (350$ per side!) add tax and you get about 700€. So total you get 2800€ plus shipments.
    New Zeus XR Adel universals cost 2400$ with tax about 2400€ so much cheaper than your offer for brand new. Only one shipment. And custom cost 2730$ brand new with warranty.
    I don't want to attack you. But do you think that anyone want to pay same or more for second-hago if he could buy brand new?
    Good luck
  6. proedros
    i have to agree , price is way too high for someone to get these

    way i see it , he should sell them for something like 1500 euros for someone to feel like buying them

  7. LegioSeptimo
    Hi mates, thanks for opinions. I am Mike_Right's friend, owner of the Zeus.

    Just to illustrate what the real account would be, I leave these calculations. To this day to have a ciems Zeus XRA custom the total cost including customs and taxes are 3.113 euros. The Empire website prices are ex VAT.

    I offer my owns for 2,100 euros. To this should be added the 500 USD (427 EUR) of reshell according to my agreement with Empire given the circumstances of this particular case and the meager use of them.

    Keep in mind that they only have three months of use. Also the reshell of the Zeus is a very serious issue. It takes 11 technicians to build Zeus and it requires more work to rebuild one than to build a new one. They have to rest all of the driver coatings and thoroughly refurbish every driver. Crossovers are thrown out and replaced with new ones. This is rebuilding an entire Zeus plus more.

    So for those additional 427 euros you get almost a new Zeus.

    Thankful for your kind advice and to settle disputes and facilitate the sale I agree to pay half of the reshell to the buyer (250 USD) So the final price would be those 2,100 euros less half the cost of reshell.

    So you can have in Europe Zeus XRA with only three months of use and a complete rebuild by EE with a saving of 800 euros on some new. If this is not a big deal, I can not imagine a better one.

    Kind regards, mates.
  8. MikeRight
    The owner of the Zeus CIEMs, LegioSeptimo, updated me that now the price includes the reshell with a 500$ value!!!

  9. MikeRight
    Finally the owner close a deal out of this forum.
    He exchange Zeus.

    Thanks all!

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