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Change username

  1. Nathan Alvey
    To any moderators out there: i would realky appreciate if i could change my username. I accidentally used my actual name instead of coming uo with a handle and i would really appreciate it if there was some way i could change my current name due to a privacy issue. Otherwise iwill be forced to delete this account which i would like to avoid. So please anyone who can help or of anyone who knows how to fix this please comment below or pm me. I am clearly an idiot but i also really cannot keep this as my handle for obvious reasons. Thanks, cheers and i sincerely appreciate the help
  2. Frank161
    You can contact AxelCloris for this matter. He helped me out earlier to change my username.
  3. joe Administrator
    I can help you out. I'll send you a PM.
  4. diegodesouza
    @joe I'd like to change my username as well, is there anyway you can help me with that?
  5. joe Administrator

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