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Challenge ... Sennheiser HD598 vs ( Need to blow my socks off ... HE-500, LCD-2, HD650, HD800 ? ) With What Amp???

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pianist718, Dec 25, 2013.
  1. Pianist718
    Hi guys,
    So, without using an amp, I am pretty happy with my Sennheiser HD598. If there was anything I'd want extra is maybe more depth (bass? ) to the sound thought I'll take clarity and soundstage over bass any day.
    Being a person who always wants to know what's better available out there, I just can't stop without hearing the sound of headphones like HiFi HE-500, HD650, HD800, LCD-2, etc I always see you guys drooling over those models :)
    At the same time, I am not the one who spends double to get just that extra 10% improvement in quality.
    So ... my question...
    1) Will those other models be so much better than HD598 that even a non audiophile will hear a difference?
    2) What amp (not too crazy expensive) will be good enough to allow those headphones to reach at least 80% of their ability and be fair enough to compete against HD598?  I'll order this stuff today. :)
    any feedback is appreciated.
    thank you.
  2. Pianist718
    bump?    anyone?
  3. MattTCG
    It's a tough question to answer. Ultimately it's up to you b/c what is right for me and others may not be right for you. That being said, if you like the 598 but would appreciate more bass I would tell you to go with the hd650 and bottlehead crack and call it end game. 
    Orthodynamic hp's are another conversation. 
  4. StubKidDtd2512
    I've never had a chance to listen to the HE-500s or any other Hifiman's headphones; but I owned the HD600s/650s and now HD800s and LCD-2s. IMO they can easily put the HD598s to shame even when being paired with a cheap sound card like the Xonar STX because they're just simply on another level.
  5. Pianist718
    Regarding HD600 .... i compared it to my 598 without an amp ... not tooo impressed. So unless with an amp they are twice as better...
  6. MattTCG
    The hd6x0 scale impressively with the right amp.
  7. Pianist718
    that's what I heard, .... that is why I don't bash them. :) I am sure they are awesome.
  8. StubKidDtd2512
    The hd600s' nominal impedance is quite high so they do need an amp with high voltage swing. The hd598s on the other hand...
  9. Sonido
    Going from HD598 to any of those higher ones, you may not recognize the differences immediately, especially other dynamics. But after listening to the better headphones for a while, going back to the HD598, you will hear a big difference. Are you ready to spoil your ears?
  10. money4me247 Contributor
    +1 true that. i've found it's much easier to notice a difference downgrading after your ears get used to nicer headphones rather than when you first upgrade to nicer headphones.
  11. Pianist718
    ok, so the question is ... what amp? what DAC? not to go too crazy in spending but at the same time, get as much as possible out of these higher end headphones.
    like at what point does the high spend/diminishing value begins?
  12. Sonido
    Diminishing returns already starts where you're at with the HD598 imo. I think you're at the 70% mark in sound quality. You can get to 90% with $1000 for amp, dac, and headphones, which is a reasonable price for this hobby. Check out the best setup for under $1000 thread for ideas.
  13. JamieMcC
    $500 or so will see you set up with a Bottlehead Crack and HD650 one of the best combinations out there.  The Crack will also work very well with phones like the Beyer T1 and HD800 many consider this combo to be the end of their search.
  14. Andrasdesoria
    Buy a denon headphone. YOu dont need new amp, you can buy the best possible model.
  15. Pianist718
    i just used software called Mix Pad to cut tracks and save as FLAC ...
    something i noticed...
    My original file is 55H kbps at 92 khz
    after cutting the first song and saving it with what seems to be the same options ... my file now is same FLAC, but ... 11H kbps at 96 khz.
    so what happened? did sound quality change>? when it went from 5500 to 1100 ?

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