Chair recommendations?

  1. slayerming2
    This may sound like a weird question to post here, but I have really weak gluts that currently hurts my knees and hips a lot.

    The chair at home I currently have has really work cushioning. I was wondering if there's any chair cushions you recommend?

    That or a good comfortable chair, less than $300 preferably. Just asked for a cushion first since I would need one for work and for at home.

    editing: Something like this looks interesting for the cushioning.
  2. yvfed1
    As they say, "sitting is new smoking". Far better solution is to use a kneeling chair, less strain your back. I have several and use them for about 20 years now, and there cannot be any comparison with any conventional chair. Beware of the Office Depot-type cheapos - try Hug Balance. They are expensive but worth every penny. Your back will thank you.
  3. BuddhaBruce
    I use a Steelcase Leap V2. High customizable

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