Chair recommendations?

  1. slayerming2
    This may sound like a weird question to post here, but I have really weak gluts that currently hurts my knees and hips a lot.

    The chair at home I currently have has really work cushioning. I was wondering if there's any chair cushions you recommend?

    That or a good comfortable chair, less than $300 preferably. Just asked for a cushion first since I would need one for work and for at home.

    editing: Something like this looks interesting for the cushioning.
  2. yvfed1
    As they say, "sitting is new smoking". Far better solution is to use a kneeling chair, less strain your back. I have several and use them for about 20 years now, and there cannot be any comparison with any conventional chair. Beware of the Office Depot-type cheapos - try Hug Balance. They are expensive but worth every penny. Your back will thank you.
  3. BuddhaBruce
    I use a Steelcase Leap V2. High customizable
  4. Dababy
    Funnily enough I found that my family's old breastfeeding chair is quite comfortable and doesn't look half bad.
  5. Gwen
    this thread went places
  6. Tex Irie
    DX Racer makes a pretty comfy chair. The Tank Series. I'd suggest looking at their website to see if anything fits your needs.
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  7. twitch133
    Plus one to the DX Racer, I own one... Great chair. I have only had it a few months, but expect many years out of it. Great build quality and very comfortable.

    They also have a major competitor out there, that max on par products, Maxnomic. The two products are so close to each other in price, quality, and fan base, that you are likely to start as bad of a war as AMD vs Nvida.
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  8. baiyy1986
    F60C2E5D-4311-4804-AABE-3892DA69AAEE.jpeg Herman Miller Aeron, not fancy look but super comfy, always fell asleep when I listen to music
  9. Tex Irie
    Those Aeron chairs are good too. I've found a few of them in excellent condition at used office furniture stores for a nice price.
  10. superfluke
    Anything used from Herman Miller, Haworth or Steelcase is a great bet.
  11. loki993
    I am probably one of the few people in the world that hates the Aeron. It is probably one of the most uncomfortable chairs I've ever sat in. Ive tried one at work twice and I can go more than 30 minute or so before Im looking for a different one. The mesh is odd feeling and the plastic bit on the front digs into my legs, doesn't matter how I try to adjust the chair. I think what I use at work now is a steelcase Amia and I can sit in that comfortably for hours.
  12. bobeau
    My impression is the Aeron actually was a somewhat polarizing chair back in the .com days where every new startup was replete with them, the leg circulation issue being the #1 culprit for detractors. I have the same issue with it, but to be fair I never actually had to live with one. I used Knoll Life chairs which were alright for years, but I just can't get on with the variety of modern office chairs i tried - plenty of things are comfortable for the first 15 minutes, but the overt plushiness of the experience gives way to discomfort over time.

    Oddly enough I'm quite happy with a very minimalist late 60s kevi chair in my home office for the past year. There is a modern variant of it out there at DWR that doesn't have the same comfort IMO. Here's the exact chair (the price is bonkers, I got mine for $150 on craigslist in similar condition) - chair&ref=sr_gallery-1-1

    It looks like it wouldn't be ergonomic, but like the LCW a lot of effort was put into the design to make it feel like it disappears once properly adjusted. I think it's like minimalist running shoes - having something firm that enforces good posture is healthier than something that strives to maximize comfort.
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  13. NBigbee
    Just got a used but great condition Aeron for $250 and love it. A bunch of local used furniture stores will buy up a lot of these from large office buildings swapping out for the newest.

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