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CES 2011: Day One

Discussion in 'Archived Blogs' started by jude, Jan 7, 2011.
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  1. Very Legal
    Link to CES day 2 and 3:
  2. Gamerphile
    Yay you like MM450 [​IMG] They feature in the movie R.E.D. .... was like What!? when I first spotted that... I'm telling you guys MM450 has been rolling out good reviews slower than I expected. I know they are featured as one of the best Bluetooth products around togther with Playstation 3 by the Bluetooth SIG (the organisation that controls the standard) and that prototypes back in the day supposively was very popular at Apple when they first tried them.
    Jude liked something I was developer on (was actaully the primary tester and a lot of other stuff for most MM products)- now I can die happy any day [​IMG]
  3. Denon2010
    WOW you got to meet 50 cent? thats so awesome dude. I actually want the Bass Boost feature I wish more headphone companies would do this.
    Wonders how it will sound wireless. I wish Wireless headphones could sound as good as wired ones the convenience of no wires would make the world of difference.
  4. Gamerphile


    Technically I can already make them do that with bluetooth 3.0, WiFi or some other standard that can do full range lossless you just have to wear portable AMP, DAC and car battery. MM 450/550 is the next best thing since its pratical and actually has a pretty good SQ and battery life... Oh and the wire and battery change concept make it pretty much impossible to run dry within any consiverable senario where the source gear still has power
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