CES 2011: Day One
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Hey Jude, when are you going to get me into CES? If you could get Drew of Moon Audio in, then I think my turn's next.
Did I never tell you I haven't been to Las Vegas since I was 16 and hence too young to do anything fun?

Since it is a member of the trade show Drew gets in by himself with his own company name. The CES is a trade show for the industry and Drew is part of that industry.

I wonder if the guy from coconut audio could get in.....
Some interesting new products coming out.  I'm really interested in all of the implementations of noise-canceling tech, as it can make headphones sound like garbage.
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Thanks for your informative post Jude. What an exciting time to be addicted!
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Regarding Day Two and Day Three coverage:  It's going to have to wait until sometime after I get home tomorrow (and rest a bit).  I'll just combine the two days.  Sorry for not having more now, but it's such a busy show that the hourglass sand seems to fall in a torrent when you're there.  I missed some things.  I didn't get to Sony (I'm still not sure how that one got by me).  They had a couple of headphones there I was interested in hearing.  I'll see what I can do to get some time with those Sony models on my own, in a quieter environment than Sony's typically very loud CES exhibit.  There were some Sennheiser products I didn't get to spend much time with; but I'll get in touch with Sennheiser, after everyone has a chance to get back to homebase and settled in, to see ask for some private time with those pieces.
Regarding Noel Lee:  Yes, he was on a Segway.  I know many think he uses Segways to be eccentric, but he actually suffers from medical issues that limit his mobility. 
Regarding how much taller 50 Cent is than me:  I think he's around 6" taller than me.  And I was wearing flat Sanuk shoes.  And he was standing straighter than me.  And he's about seven feet tall (just kidding).  As for my ridiculous smile, Drew from Moon Audio said something hilarious right when the photo was taken, and I started cracking up.  Click!  That said, I was happy to meet 50 Cent--again, I really am a fan of his.
Regarding Drew at CES:  Frank is correct.  CES is intended for members of the trade (and press), so Drew has much business and handshaking to do there as the owner of Moon Audio.
Okay, until tomorrow or the next day.  (I'm traveling for a good portion of the day tomorrow.)
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Westone sure stole the show, though, among professional earphones with the westone 4 booth. Their band played lie for the bloody entire time and are really cool. This CES more than any other ive seen has shown that non earphone makers are interested in the market for purposes of: fashion, money, audiophile draw. I think this year we will see a parting of ways, however, between true audio makers and pretenders as all portable audio sources, at least, show very good source synergy with the majority of high quality earphones. The regular joanne and Joanie -- who got an earful from me -- really will start to hear good earphones this ear, whereas there has been a gap between audiophiles/professionals prior to 2011 when looking at average users.

A lot of people came to the etymotic booth and the westone booth to hear their market strategies, and they were able to 50/50 their own idea of sound and music and quality. In terms of new products, CES has a number, but.this year, I think it was about the average consumer coming into contact with the high and finally, understdanding what that means.
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I like your haircut Jude

Hey Jude, when are you going to get me into CES? If you could get Drew of Moon Audio in, then I think my turn's next.
Did I never tell you I haven't been to Las Vegas since I was 16 and hence too young to do anything fun?


Drew is a legitimate dealer, so he qualifies for a free pass (if registering early enough).

Sorry - Jude already answered.

Jude does get around, I ran into him at the OnHigherNote function. Although he ran away before we had a chance to chat (between the Luxman amp and all of the hot air being generated by the High End audio types there it was hotter than Hell in the room so I was in the hall and ultimately I was probably the one who ran away :)
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I told Jude we needed a taller chair for him to stand on. But we couldn't find one :) 50 was a sharp cat. I was real impressed. Very down to earth and gracious. The new Sleek Audio 50 Cent edition phone was sharp as hell. Looking forward to hearing it. I'm on my flight back to NC now so don't have the best connection but will post my pictures from the show in our Facebook and Forum soon.
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Jude. Fun write-up so far.
But the only thing I really care about is Chelsea Handler... was she with Mr. Cent? 

jk, of course.

Am looking forward to more news and info on the latest and hopefully... greatest. Thanks.

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