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Centrance upcoming product for Iphone 5 above and Ipod Touch 5 : Hi Fi SKYN

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by rudi0504, Dec 30, 2014.
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  1. Maelob
    Based on my experience with LH Labs Indiegogo campaign, its been almost two years for their top of the line DACs to come out, recommend to look at their thread and you will get an idea how frustrated people get, including myself. Looks like the process of developing something from the get go is not clear cut and timelines shift all the time. I think Centrance have been very open in explaining all the issues. Do you think he is frustrated I am sure he is.  As far as refund it won't hurt to ask but based on Indiegogo rules, it is up to the company to refund if they want after campaign is funded.  In my LH Labs case, the answer was a big NO. But they offered a credit for any other product. 
    Believe me I feel your pain, but I will start complaining in Jan.  As of now I will give them a few more months. 
  2. ExpatinJapan
    It was the same with the Centrance Hifi-m8 from planning to release.

    These things do take a lot of time. Planning, design, development, meeting with manufacturers, Apple approval etc. then rinse and repeat several times.
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  3. Dexter Morgan

    CEntrance should have learned from their previous experience and not painted such a rosy timeline. The sting is especially acute here due to the continuous release schedule of iPhones. We're now looking at a 10-11 month usability of this product (best case scenario) until the iPhone 7 comes out and things no longer fit into place. That's a pretty short use period for this kind of product. I have to believe Michael is trying to get this out as fast as possible, because every month that goes by he's losing out on sales, and once the 7 comes out, the pool of interested buyers shrinks. I wonder if he plans to release another model for the 7, and how long it will take for that to happen.
  4. guerillaw
    But then they would not have gotten your money nor all this free advertising. Good luck to them but the reality is these pay up front campaigns are unfair to the consumer nearly every time. The consumer pays upfront for all the development and production costs and takes on all the risk that should belong to the company. Essentially the customer becomes and investor who cannot possibly profit. 
    If they choose to do business that way and people want to support them, great. The misleading timeline here-from a company who has done this before-though is troubling. 
  5. Koolpep

    Cannot possibly profit?

    Except you get a product before the general public.
    Except you get a special version not available to anyone else.
    Except you pay way below retail price.
    Except you get perks others can't get, ever.
    Except you are part of an interesting journey full of fun, pain, sweat and tears and joy.
    Except you actually make dreams happen with your investment.

    Centrance in this case has certainly more expenses than the $150k they collected. Just do the math yourself but developing a product like this is, and producing it, is way more expensive, so the risk is on the company too. Plus, as an established company you risk your reputation as well. The company gains some money upfront, maybe doesn't have to take a loan, so that's a great benefit. They also gain valuable insights of what people are actually willing to pay for rather than just "want". They can adjust features and test the market to a certain extend.

    I do share your frustration with this campaign though. These kind of delays are killing all the fun. Knowing what I know now, I probably wouldn't have joined. But so far all my CEntrance products were of exceptional quality sound wise. So I hope in the end we will all be happy to get a Skÿn.

  6. louderthebetter
    Except you get a product before the general public.- Not true. This device is already available on Centrance website for everyone
    Except you get a special version not available to anyone else.- Not true, Nothing special, translucent case with wires and battery visible
    Except you pay way below retail price.- Not true. $349 for contributors and $399 for everyone
    Except you get perks others can't get, ever- None what so ever
    Except you are part of an interesting journey full of fun, pain, sweat and tears and joy- Yes but only pain and tears. It was fun until April 2015, OK until June 2015( second deadline) Its almost November, no sign of the device which will get obsolete in 10 months
    Except you actually make dreams happen with your investment- Yes dreams of contributors of Dacport HD which got the same innards of this device
    Who ever is not critical of this inefficient campaign should get Zen award
  7. iichigoz
    I don't get it. I went to their website and the Hifi Skyn is in stock? If it's in stock and available? Why aren't they sending out to the contributors yet? Or is that meant to let people pay for it and they didnt know that they have to wait?
    edit: Ok I just read about the approval from apple itself before they can ship. Hope it's fast
  8. ExpatinJapan
    'The peasants are revolting!'

  9. Koolpep

    Re-read your "rebuttal" are you 12 years old?

    Come on. I can see you are angry. And as I mentioned. I am too. I probably wouldn't have joined this campaign knowing what I know now. However as you said "not true" and then mentioned the fact afterwards that invalidates your statements I can't take the above serious.

    Depending when you joined the campaign you paid way less than retail, I paid $199 and $79 for the amp extreme, you will get the device earlier (don't know why it's listed as in stock on the website but nobody has one yet) and we do get access to a special version of you like or not is irrelevant.

    Anyhow. Knock yourself out.

  10. Koolpep
    Yes. I am pissed at the delays as well. I don't like them. it wasn't a well managed campaign especially considering that it was run by industry veterans who pumped out some amazing products before (and after) this one.

    However - as a user of indiegogo you have to understand that worst case you get NOTHING. No money back, nothing.

    Since we are still getting a product (cross fingers), well below retail price, it's not THAT bad.

    Again. Knowing what I know now, I probably would have put these funds towards a Chord Mojo.

  11. DannyBai
    I ended up paying $349 as well which included $50 that went towards getting the upgraded dac which I thought was for the dac and not giving them free money. My mistake for not reading that correctly. Anyway, after LHLabs and this campaign, I will never support one of these ventures again. I would have thought Centrance would have been better than this.
  12. louderthebetter
    "Re-read your "rebuttal" are you 12 years old?"
    Anyone can type this kind of insensitive remark. 
    ​I'm not surprised that people with 15-20 gadgets on their list are giving a pass to this kind of "take it for granted" attitude by the company.
    I hear JH labs often when I voice my frustration.
    The two gadgets are entirely different as one will have a long shelf life but not the Skyn (neither resale value) and this gadget is a beginners device 
    The main gripe is that we were made to believe that all R&D was done when the campaign was launched.
    A prototype was reviewed by a former employee of Centrance.
    If someone is trying to justify what Centrance ended up doing, either he/she does not care about starters in the hobby or a stooge of company.
    If you don't feel that bad, keep quiet and let people who feel the pain express it.
    You speak out if your credibility is questioned.
    Ultimately it is not about money, it is about how you treat some one who believed in you 
  13. Koolpep

    Calm down man and breathe in and out. But please read what you wrote and honestly tell me you don't see your own contradictions.

    I can speak out whenever I want. And I am not defending centrance at all. I do think these delays are really bad too, I have never told anyone not to express their grief. That's fine. But you have to stick with the facts, buddy. I am frustrated with the delays myself. But that's all there is. Delays. Nothing else changed. I understand that is terribly frustrating for some and feel for them. But read the terms and conditions of indiegogo before giving someone money. Produce something yourself. There are always unknown factors that were not anticipated. Delays happen. They suck. You can whine and winge but it's better to get over it.

  14. TimeLord

    For goodness sake, Koolpep, give it a rest. Stop trying to impose your circumstances on others.

    Louderthebetter is clearly in a different position in the audiophile community ("starter in the hobby") than you are. And resources may impact him/her more than you.
    When you say delays are all that happened, you trivialize the fact this product has a built-in obsolescence. Many people expected to use it for about 16 months (original delivery date until iPhone 7 release). Now we're lucky if we can use it for 10 months. So time is a major factor for this product.

    And your snarkiness is certainly not helping.
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  15. Koolpep

    Ok, fair enough. Apologies if I stepped onto anyone's feet. English is not my first language and I tend to be quite direct. As long as we stay fair and don't make up facts that are untrue (which is my only issue here), I will now shut up and let you go on with the collective whining and winging if it helps you blow off steam.

    As mentioned before: I am as frustrated that I can't use the Skÿn as you are, but for me it's a bit like kicking someone who is already on the ground, do you really think CEntrance doesn't want to get this thing out asap and sell it as badly as we all want to have it?

    Upgrading to the iPhone 7 and making our Skÿn obsolete is a choice too, by the way. Millions of iPhone 6/6s will continue to work, as will the Skÿn.

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