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Centrance Hifi-M8 and Hifi-M8 LX (8 versions!) impressions thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by expatinjapan, May 6, 2013.
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  1. Mediahound
    Some people claim they can hear a difference because AIFF uses less compression. I cannot. AIFF takes up way more storage however so I use ALAC. 
  2. Shaker
    Got it. Just wanted to make sure I understood his point. 
    At this point I'm inclined to rip CDs to AIFF for the chance that there may be some benefit. It can always be "downgraded" later to ALAC if I choose. 
    Will have to do some A/B once I have my equipment to decide on future purchases.
    From what you've said, I'm guessing you would purchase/use iTunes files?
  3. Mediahound

    No, iTunes files are not lossless ALAC.
  4. Shaker
    Yes, I know -- unfortunately AAC and the "Mastered for iTunes" nonsense.
    Hoping that changes soon.
  5. jazzman7
    I find WAV to be most portable as it can be used in almost any player.  But I don't think WAV allows tagging, which is a pain.  AIFF is a good choice for Apple devices, but it used to be that non-Apple audio players wouldn't like AIFF so it was less portable. 
  6. Shaker
    Have been leaning toward AIFF since I have an i5, use some iTunes and will use JRiver as we set up our media room. Just have to check if the Oppo handles AIFF. 
  7. Shaker
    Looking for a little help from those with the iPhone 5 connected to the M8. Want to ensure higher SQ and prevent the auto downsampling from the iPhone to 44.1kHz so I bought the lightening to USB Camera Adapter.
    How does this connect to the M8? 
  8. ExpatinJapan



    A few ideas through the usb-b port for hi-res playback.

    Through the mfi idevice usb-a port you are limited to 16/41, 16/44 or possibly 16/48.
  9. jazzman7
    Use the USB B port whenever possible with the M8. It makes a noticeable difference in sonic quality when using high-quality music tracks and headphones. ExpatInJapan's setup works for the iPhone 5, and I acquired a short USB adapter like the one shown for this purpose.
  10. Shaker
    Thanks for the quick and helpful response. Only interested in the hi-res playback via usb-b port. I am waiting on some quality headphones, in the meantime I plugged in my B&W P5 via the combo port and connected the lightening to usb camera adapter to the CEntance included usb cable that plugs into the usb-b port. The iPhone won't play through the M8. Am I missing something or is there potentially something wrong with either the lightening to usb camera adapter, or the CEntrance included usb cord or the M8's usb-b port?
    I was able to get the iPhone5/M8 to play through the headphone by connecting it with a standard lightening cable to the usb-a port.
    Also, what is the usb-b adaptor you have shown in that first picture that connects to the lightening to usb camera adapter?
    Thanks again
  11. jazzman7
    Did you flip the digital switch to the USB B port side?
  12. Shaker
    I need sleep. Thanks. [​IMG]
  13. ExpatinJapan
    yup, for usb-B port the switch should be to the left.
  14. Shaker
    while I do need sleep, there seems to be a connection issue with either my iPhone lightening jack or with movement of the cord/jack I sometimes get a brief connection disruption that kills the signal and the Onkyo app will revert to pause.
  15. ExpatinJapan
    Try again with the music app to narrow it down. Also try a hard reset on your phone( on/off button and home button).
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