Cell phone as a one stop for all things.
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Sep 21, 2011
I might need a little more specifics on what exact functions you'll need replaced. Modern flagship smart-phones are phenomenal for eliminating the needs of so many other devices. I would argue that in the near future even laptops will be unneeded. I own the Galaxy S2 which plays virtually every format. What it can't play from the factory (FLAC is factory supported as is every other commonly used digital audio format) can easily be handled by one of the many brilliant 3rd party apps. It will export 1080p video to your HDTV via MHL adapter and pass through DTS and AC3 audio. It will also allow access to itself from network attached devices including of course your PC via WiFi. It will "serve" media to DLNA compatible devices as well. The phone can be controlled wirelessly by blutooth devices such as keyboards and mice with full integration. If  you've got the right software on your PC or server than of course the reverse of all of that is also possible. 

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