CD Clearout - List Updated 5th September, thanks.
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Mar 9, 2009
Again, thanks for looking.

*List edited 5th September *

Cd collection up for sale to help ease the crunch....

£3.50 each singles
£4.50 each doubles
£4.50 each Soundtracks
(All including 2nd class P&P UK only)

Much loved collection, all CDs in great condition, no gouges or broken boxes.
Thanks for looking

PM for payment details, thanks.


Tori Amos: Little Earthquakes *Provisionally Sold*
Ac/Dc: Who made who *Provisionally Sold*
Asia: Asia
Black eyed peas: Elephunk *Provisionally Sold*
B52s : Cosmic thing *Provisionally Sold *
B52s : Good stuff
Bliss: A change in the weather
Blind melon: Blind melon
Black Crows: Southern Harmony
Black Crows: Shake your money maker
Bjork: Post
Bjork: Debut
Kate Bush: The whole story
Alice Cooper: The beast of alice cooper
Crowded house: Recurring dream *Provisionally Sold*
Crash test dummies: A worms life
Crash test dummies: God shuffled his feet
Johnny Cash: The essential (2cd)
The Corrs: Talk on corners
The Cult: The Best Of
Sheryl crow: Tuesday night music club
Sheryl crow: Sheryl Crow
Coldplay: X and Y.
Coldplay: Parachutes
Coldplay: rush of blood to the Head
Ian duty: The Very Vest of Ian Dury
Ian fury: New boots and panties *Provisionally Sold*
Del amitri: Waking hours
Chemical Bros: Dig your own hole *Provisionally Sold*
The cranberries: No need to argue
The cranberries: everyones doing it
Cream: The ultimate cream
Dire straits: money for nothing
Darkness: permission to land
Dire straits: on every street
Doors: the best of
Bob Dylan: the essential (2cd)
Eurythmics: peace
Eagles: greatest hits (2cd)
D12: D World
Eminem: Curtain call
Fun lovin Crinals: come find yourself
Fleetwood Mac: tango in the night *Provisionally Sold*
Fleetwood Mac: Rumours *Provisionally Sold*
Fine young cannibals: platinum collection
Deep purple: very best of
Franz Ferdinand: you could have had it so much better
Foo fighters:
Green Day: Dookie
Green Day: American Idiot
Gorillas: Demon Days
Bee Gees: the record (2cd)
Garbage: bleed like me
Peter Gabriel: Us
Guns n Roses: appetite for desctruction *Provisionally Sold*
*Guns n Roses: Use your illusion 2 *Provisionally Sold*
James: The best of *Provisionally Sold*
James: Seven *Provisionally Sold*
James: Gold Mother *Provisionally Sold*
John lee hooker: Boom Boom
John lee hooker: The best of
Keane: Hopes and fears
Elfin John: very best if (2cd)
Billy Joel: songs in the attick
Billy Joel: Greatest Hits vol 1 and 2 (2cd)
John Lennon: Legend
Kasabian: KasBian
Korn: Korn *Provisionally Sold*
Robert Plant: Mighty Rearranger *Provisionally Sold*
Led Zeppelin: Remasters 2cd
Massive Attack: Blue lines
Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells
Moby: Play
Moby: 18
Motörhead: ace of spades
Motörhead: no sleep till hammersmith
Nirvana: Nevermind
Muse: Absolution
Muse: Origin of Symmetry *Provisionally Sold*
Meatloaf: bat out of hell
Allanis Morrisette: jagged little pill
Allanis Morrisette: under rug swept
Nirvana: unplugged
Nils Lofgren: Crooked Line
Stevie Nicks: The wild heart
Thalia Zedek: been here and gone
Elliot Brood: Mountain Meadows
The Proclaimers: Life with you
OMD: The very best of
Outlast: Speakerboxx (2cd)
Oasis: Whats the story morning glory
Offspring: Conspiracy of one
Pearl Jam: Vs
Pearl Jam: ten
Papa Roach: Getting away with murder
Roger Waters: Amused to death
Pink Floyd: The division bell
Pink Floyd: Echoes, the best of
Prodigy: Music for the jilted generation *Provisionally Sold*
Prodigy: The fat of the land *Provisionally Sold*
Portishead: Dummy
Queen: Greatest Hits
Q Magazine comps: The best of 97******************** *(These go at £2.50 inc 2nc class p&p)
Q Magazine comps: Best tracks of 1998*
Q Magazine comps: Decade best of 1986-1996*
Q Magazine comps: Q the blues*
Q Magazine comps: Summer festivals 98*
Q Magazine comps: Best of 2004*
Lou Reed: Retro
Lou Reed: New York
Lou Reed: Magic and Loss *Provisionally Sold*
Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Blood sugar sex magic
Rush: 2112
The Rasmus: Dead Letters
Smokey Robinson: Tracks of my tears
Soundgarden: Superunknown
Jim Steinman: Bad for good
REM: The best of REM
REM: New adventures in Hifi
REM: Automatic for the people
REM: Monster
REM: Green
REM: Out of time
Supertramp: the very best of
Bob Seger Silver Bullet Band: Greatest Hits
Starsailor: Love is here
Sex Pistols: Never mind the bollocks
Scissor Sisters: Scissor Sisters
Bruce Springsteen: The Rising
Bruce Springsteen: MTV plugged
Bruce Springsteen: Human Touch
Bruce Springsteen: Greatest Hits
Bruce Springsteen: Tunnel of Love
Bruce Springsteen: The River (2cd) *Provisionally Sold*
Stone Roses: Second Coming
Shane McGowan and the Popes: The Snake
Travis: The Man Who
U2: Boy *Provisionally Sold*
U2: The Joshua Tree *Provisionally Sold*
U2: Best of 1980-1990
U2: Pop
U2: Achtung Baby
Ultravox: The Collection
The Verve: Urban Hymns
Violent Femmes: Violent Femmes
Violent Femmes: 3 *Provisionally Sold*
Van Morrison: The best of Van Morrison
Neil Young: Greatest Hits
Ween: Chocolate an Cheese
Yello: Baby *Provisionally Sold*
Yardbirds: The very best of
Paul Weller: Heavy Soul
Zz Top: Eliminator *Provisionally Sold*
Warren Zevon: Excitable Boy *Provisionally Sold*
Warren Zevon: Mr Bad Example *Provisionally Sold*
Warren Zevon: Life'll Kill Ya
Warren Zevon: Mutineer *Provisionally Sold*
Warren Zevon: My Ride's Here *Provisionally Sold*
Warren Zevon: Learning to Flinch *Provisionally Sold*
Warren Zevon: Warren Zevon *Provisionally Sold*
Warren Zevon: Bad luck streak in dancing school *Provisionally Sold*
Warren Zevon: A quiet normal life *Provisionally Sold*
Warren Zevon: Sentimental Hygene *Provisionally Sold*
Warren Zevon: Transverse City *Provisionally Sold*
Various Artists: No1 Classic Soul Album
Various Artists: The best album in the world - Ever! (2cd)
Various Artists: The best album in the world - Ever! II (2cd)
Hanna-Barbera: Tunes from the Toons
Various Artists: Ultimate Sk8er Rock (2cd)

================================================== =
================================================== =
Braveheart (James Horner)

Jaws (John Williams)
Star Wars: A New Hope (2cd)
Empire Strikes Back (2cd)
Return of the Jedi (2cd)

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (Randy Edelman)

Independance Day (David Arnold)

Terminator 2 (Brad Fidel)

Music from Twin Peaks (Angelo Badalamenti)

Coppola's Dracula OST (Wojciech Kilar)

Crimson Tide (Hans Zimmer)

Batman (Danny Elfman)

(Jerry Goldsmith)
40 Years of Film Music (4cd)
Star Trek: The Astral Symphony
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Heaven an Hell
1492: Conquest of Paradise
Blade Runner

(Lalo Schifrin)
Dirty Harry (2000 Remaster)

(Ennio Moricone)
A fistfull of sounds (2cd) *Provisionally Sold*
Film Music 1966-1987 (2cd)
The Soundtracks (dejavu Retro Gold Collection) (2cd)

(Basil Poledouris)
Starship Troopers
Hunt for Red October
Cherry 2000/No mans land

No.1 Sci>Fi Album (2cd-compilation of movie/tv scifi themes. All *
original recordings)

Oceans 11 (David Holmes)*** These £3.50 each
The Saint (Various Artists)*
Kill Bill Vol 1 (Various Artists)*
Pulp Fiction (Various Artists)*
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Mar 9, 2009

Originally Posted by unl3a5h3d /img/forum/go_quote.gif
How much for shipping to us? Thanks.

Hi there, thanks for the reply.
My best estimate for shipping to US (From Royal Mail Website)

for up to 10 cds shipped....(weighing approximately 1.5kg)
Would be £18 ($30) Standard Airmail to ship a batch of 10 for 5 day delivery without any delivery tracking.
Insurance only covers up to £39 ($64) though.

Would be £28 ($46) with confirmation of delivery.
This would be 4 day delivery and insurance covers up to £39 ($64)

Thanks for looking.

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Aug 14, 2009
Wow, I would love to buy some but I would spend more on shipping them then actually on the CD's lol. Thanks anyways. Good selection.

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