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CCA C16 interferences: help!

  1. BrnoC
    I just received my CCA C16 earphones. And I encouter interferences when connecting them to several devices:
    - on my hifi amp (a FDA SMSL AD18): they are very noisy and they appear as soon as I connect the earphones, even if the amp is not configured to output on the headphone plug.
    - on my portable computer (a Xiaomi): on this too they are very noisy and they manifest even if there is no sound playing
    - on my smartphone, a Xiaomi MI8, on wich I use the provided and crappy USB > jack adapter, they are not so noisy but there is some kind of "halo" or dirty reverb after the sounds

    On the other hand, when I connect them to another portable computer or to another smartphone with a dedicated jack plug it seems OK...
    Is the sample I received faulty or is it a compatibility issue? Are the C16 high-demanding in terms of compatibility? As I'm a newbie on this matter, I don't know!

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