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Cayin YB04 In-Ear Monitor

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  1. twiceboss
    For about 3 4 hours on YB04. I use it direct on my apple dongle for a clean output for a better comparison with my other iems since apple dongle is my main benchmark.

    To be honest, YB04 easily sits on the range of ier M9 and Rai Penta.

    First impression;
    YB04 vs M9; yb04 is noticeably wider and more controlled bass. Details pickup seems a tad bit superior than M9. M9 is deeper with noticeably narrower except when M9 with RE Hifiman tips which is big big bore.

    YB04 vs Rai Penta; iirc the mids on penta is really organic, life-like vocals representation. To me YB04 has almost the same representation. Almost life-like. What makes this set better is the staging and highs. Better pin point and more details in highs region.

    More listening to jump onto conclusion. I would say, yb04 is a serious set. Not a hype but a true set to keep.

    edit: im scared; this set has a potential to dethrone my fav M9 for the neutral and life-like vocals representation due to better soundstage (width) and more controlled bass.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
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  2. PinkyPowers
    Thanks for the review. I'm glad you like them.
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  3. twiceboss
    There is no doubt that i do like this set. Im so thankful to have a chance to review this unit. I perhaps will own this set.
  4. twiceboss
    is it possible to buy the yb04 balance eartips? let me know. I fall in love with the balance tips.
  5. davidmolliere
    So after a good dozen of hours with YB-04, I must say I like it and I am quite impressed at its technicalities in its price bracket... very transparent IEM with great clarity and natural tone. Amazing soundstage also with fantastic imaging.

    I mostly agree with @twiceboss, except for me Penta is more organic and a tad more natural... YB-04 is clearer while Penta has a touch of warmth. Penta has much more bass impact and presence though. YB-04 is leaner with good subs but leaner mid bass.

    YB-04 is more transparent to the source so if you want warmth, need a warmer source this maybe why the apple dongle makes it a different experience than YB-04 with N6ii/A-01 and T-01. I prefer A-01 with the YB-04, the warmth is beneficial IMHO and YB-04 doesn’t need the extra detail...

    Overall if I had to sum it up YB-04 is more neutral with a touch of brightness but never harsh (although upper mids with T-01 can get to the edge). It’s very musical and also a good sign that I can like it this much given that it’s brighter than my usual cup of tea. I am enjoying Jazz greatly with the YB-04 and N6ii/A-01.
  6. twiceboss
    yes, after having A B comparison with M9, i think enjoy music with M9 better given a neutral source. Apple dongle. It will be different story if it feeds with n6ii or any other colored daps.
  7. Niyologist
    Here's the Unboxing Video I did of the YB04.

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  8. davidmolliere
    On my side, I’ll be testing with the AAW Capri lightning cable and report.
  9. twiceboss
    cool stuff, idk about this!
  10. davidmolliere
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
  11. davidmolliere
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
  12. davidmolliere
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  13. Andykong
    Looks like the YB04 tour received some very positive comments. I didn't expect a head-to-head competition against M9 and Rai Penta, after all they are significantly more expensive and the YB04 is the first attempt on in ear monitors for Cayin. This is very good news and we probably will spend more resources on earphone products line give the positive feedback we have received so far.

    We have shipped the YB04 to our international dealers, if you are interested in checking this out, contact your local Cayin dealer to find out the actual availability and local retail price. :beerchug:
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2019
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  14. twiceboss
    I forgot about empire ears EVR, this is comparable to the evr too. Iirc the highs on yb04 is superior. The vocals on EVR is just a tad bit fuller than yb04.
  15. twiceboss
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