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Cayin N6ii, Unlimited Possibilities: a fully modularized smart DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Andykong, Apr 7, 2019.
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  1. twister6 Contributor
    Have you tried searching for reviews? :D
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  2. twiceboss
    Im also in the tour and pretty excited tbh!
  3. twiceboss
    Heyy thanks!!! Im really finding a dap for my M9 :)
  4. jerick70
    I don't think I will pickup the T01. From what I've read it is more on the bright side of the audio spectrum. Not my cup of tea. I'm really happy with the A01.
  5. jmills8
    Ha , read by? It is not more brighter than the A01. Its actually more analog sounding , has more depth than the A01. The A01 for me sounded a tad more open , brighter while bassy.
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  6. singleended5863
    Reading to know but listening with your ears is best. Thanks @jmills8 for letting us know your opinion regarding T01. Mine is coming next Tuesday and let’s check it out. :wink:
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  7. BurritoJustice
    Is there any hope of a resolution to the Amazon HD bug? That is, where it only plays up to 44.1/24
  8. SteveOliver
    I for one would be happy with CD quality from the service, I use it mostly mobile anyway and doubt I could tell the difference between "HD" and "Ultra HD" mobile, most of us just want the re-sampling issues to be fixed on all platforms. Not too much to ask for please Amazon. :)
    buonassi likes this.
  9. BurritoJustice
    Yeah, I'm totally fine with CD quality audio and don't use higher res files. Just would be interesting to try them out, at the least. It's a shame for my phone with terrible hiss and 5ohm OI can get 192KHz from Amazon when this $1200 dedicated device can't

    I won't be upset if it's not changed, though I imagine others will be.
  10. davidmolliere
    Pretty excited... T-01 and YB-04 are in the house as part of the N6ii / T-01 / YB-04 review Tour

    Image d’iOS (29).jpg

    Image d’iOS (26).jpg
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
  11. Doug2507
    Looking forward to hearing what you think of T01 with FIBAE.
    davidmolliere likes this.
  12. davidmolliere
    Me too I know what I am doing tonight :D
  13. twiceboss
    will compare 9038s balance and cayin n6ii balance too soon. Especially pairing with my main iem ier M9
  14. Andykong
    We just received the final photo of Dignis case for N6ii, if you are interested in getting a better protective case for your DAP, check Dignis website next week, a little bird told me this will be around US$110 and it will be available really soon.

    20191018_8.jpg 20191018_5.jpg 20191018_6.jpg 20191018_2.jpg
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  15. singleended5863
    Very nice indeed! Thank you.
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