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Cayin N6 DAP: Dual PCM1792 / Dual Mono / 24-192 / DSD128 / SACD ISO

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by andykong, Nov 1, 2014.
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  1. jmills8
    3.5 to 3.5
  2. x RELIC x Contributor

    All you would need is a 3.5mm to 3.5mm coaxial cable if you wanted to use a 75 Ohm shielded cable. The coaxial cable was developed for longer runs and its geometry, impedance, and shielding are the result of this. With that said you can also just use a regular 3.5mm stereo interconnect to the N6 to the Mojo. It works, it's been tested by a few users and the 'digital' signal is nothing more than Voltage travelling down a copper wire.

    Most people don't associate the fact that 0's and 1's are really simply a representation of a certain Voltage. Above a certain threshold it represents a 1, below that threshold it represents as a 0 to the DAC. So in this sense digital OR analogue cables for coaxial don't matter as long as the signal and ground line up to make the connection. What differentiates a coaxial cable is impedance and shielding for longer runs and using a short stereo interconnect should be fine for these considerations. The Voltage doesn't care.

    Like I said, it should work fine to use a regular stereo interconnect. I've done it with the FiiO X5 (first gen) coaxial to Mojo others have done it with the iBasso DAPs, and it's also been confirmed to work waaaaay back in the Mojo thread with the N6. The signal is on the Tip, the ground is on the Ring and the Sleeve is ignored in a stereo TRS plug in this case.
  3. x RELIC x Contributor

    I'm sorry but this post is a bunch of mis-information. The Mojo ONLY accepts a digital signal, and the N6 coaxial output (like every other coaxial out) bypasses the N6 DAC,and outputs a digital signal. When using the coaxial output on the N6 you are not using the DAC or amp but simply bypassing the audio hardware to feed a digital signal to the Mojo.
  4. nabilun
    Apologies and thanks for the correction, I'd interpreted the OP's intent as wanting a cable that would work for both the n6 or the mojo with other devices, not the n6 into the mojo. I'll delete my earlier post.
  5. x RELIC x Contributor

    No worries, it's just good to keep things straight is all. Mojo can't input from a DAC because the whole purpose of a DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) is to convert a digital signal (sampled data) to an analogue signal (continuous data). Mojo doesn't accept an analogue signal as its whole point is a DAC and it doesn't have a built in separate amp like conventional devices. It outputs to headphones straight from the DAC's line-out stage with a very clean digital volume control.

  6. Andykong

    But coaxial cable are very cheap and readily available. I use the TV antenna cable for the purpose and they are 75ohm coaxial by nature, even when I go for the more expensive TV antenna cable in hardware shop, they are around US$1 per feet in Hong Kong.

    So if someone will DIY their own cable, or have access to a low cost DIY cable service, I definitely suggest you to stick with 75ohm coaxial cable to start with, but if you can only buy from after-cable market, then any shielded analog cable should server the purpose.
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  7. Andykong

    You'll need a 3.5mm to 3.5mm coaxial cable and this is an example for your reference:


    1. Theoretically you only need to use 3.5 TS connector (aka mono type connectors) and Coaxial connection only required two contact points (Data at Tips, Ground at Sleeve), but since TS connector is not as popular, a lot of cable maker will stick with the more widely used 3.5mm TRS connector, they simply connect data to Tips, Ground to sleeve, and leave the Ring not connected.
    2. Use L connectors if possible, when you tie up N6 to Mojo, they are fairly bulky and you are unlikely to hold them on hands all the time, when you were to put them into a backpack etc, a regular (straight) connector will introduce pressure on the cable ends and bend the cable exceedingly, but a L-shape connector will take up the pressure and leave the cable undamaged.
    3. The cable as shown in the diagram is 12cm long, including the L shape connectors.

    Unfortunately I can't find anything like this on eBay or Amazon, :confused_face: so this cable photo is provide for discussion only.
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  8. Joe Skubinski
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  9. Andykong

    Welcome on-board,

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  10. Andykong
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  11. Andruxxxa
    good afternoon. I need your help. I put it on charging a new player. I loaded up to 99%. I threw on the micro sd 16 gb. fat32 formatted in the firmware ver.4.3 official website. Player has been updated, he wrote updated successfully, then reboot and the screen appeared the inscription: sa2k connect error. help, what can be done.
  12. peareye
    Have you tried resetting and rebooting?
  13. Andruxxxa
    I tried. does not work.
  14. Andykong

    Remove the SD card,
    Reset the player (Reset pin hole at the bottom of the player)
    Copy music to Internal memory (8GB) to test if the player is working.

    If the player is working through internal memory, then it is possible then your TF card is having some problem.Try to test it with other TF card if possible.
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  15. Andruxxxa
    The player gives the same error and no SD card. reset not helps
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