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Cayin N5ii Technical Support thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by seanwee, Mar 28, 2018.
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  1. CayinSupport
    Hi, please click on power button to enable " reboot system now". If still doesn't work, you can keep pressing power button for 2s to force N5ii power off. Then restart it as usual.
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  2. ngs428
    I have a number of songs with .lrc lyric files saved along side my FLAC music files. The lyrics for may of the songs do not display properly. The reason is because many of the lines in .lrc file have multiple time stamps. This is common for lines in songs which repeat. Below is an example. I can't attach the .lrc file. The bolded lines below have multiple time stamps. The N5ii will actually display the [01:23.70] text at [00:08.59] instead of a blank line and likewise it will display [00:41.18] at [00:27.48] instead of the word "Shattered".

    Can this be looked into?

    [id: dc_lbashvsu]
    [ar:The Rolling Stones]
    [al:40 Licks]

    [00:00.00]Rolling Stones - Shattered
    [00:10.59]Shattered, shattered
    [00:14.96]Love and hope and sex and dreams
    [00:16.30]Are still surviving on the street
    [00:18.12]Look at me - I'm in tatters!
    [00:23.80]I'm a shattered.
  3. RASeymour
    That has been my experience also. When you have a signal, sound is good. Is there a fix? My only solution was just to keep the player in line of sight, or at least in line with the side of the earphones with the bluetooth receiver.
  4. seanwee
    I don't use Bluetooth most of the time so I haven't done any more testing.
  5. zabin29
    746C3201-BA3F-472B-AC3C-40491B90FE79.jpeg My n5ii must have developed a crack in the lcd and it appears the fluid is leaking. I’m wondering how much it will spread, I think it’s gotten bigger already. any idea if this can be fixed and what the cost might be?
  6. seanwee
    I suppose you dropped it?
  7. zabin29
    Probably, but I'm not sure when it happened, it definitely wasn't any kind of major fall. I think what may have happened is it was in my console standing vertical upside down and it fell sideways - maybe hit the corner? I'm pretty sure it's something I did, I'm just curious how serious it may be and if it's worth fixing if it gets worse. I would think the screen would need to be replaced if that happens.
  8. Slater91
    I just found out an interesting bit of information regarding the pause/freeze bug. If I issue a process clean through the "Smart Cleaning" menu item, the player pauses with the same "pop" as when it happens spontaneously. These may be unrelated as far as I know, but they may also be - would anyone else try to repeat this process and see if this leads to the same behaviour?
  9. seanwee
    I smart clean a LOT and that never happened lol. Thanks for sharing though.
  10. Slater91
    I did not actualy write it, but it was implied that I issued the command while playing music.
  11. seanwee

    Edit : Ohhhh ok. Yeah I got that you were playing music when you used smart cleaning. I do the same and it has never happened before for me.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
  12. Slater91
    I used the "Smart Cleaning" tool while the music was playing. So I selected a track, started playback, got back to the main screen and then tapped on "Smart Cleaning". That was enough to trigger the pause issue.
  13. seanwee
    Yeah I got it after re reading both your posts and edited it.

    Your unit is interesting though. Are you in the beta firmware program? There is a bug catching one currently ongoing. I believe yours would produce some interesting logs.
  14. Slater91
    Nope. I am waiting for Andy to reply to a few emails I sent him (I know he is pretty busy these days, so I'll have to be patient). I will happily jump in, though, as I really like this player and would like to see these issues solved.
  15. HombreCangrejo
    I didn't experience pauses for at least 3 weeks until some days ago I had two of them. It's probably not related, or it could be, who knows, but both happened after the battery went below 40%. After charging, no pauses for now.
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