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Cayin N5ii Technical Support thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by seanwee, Mar 28, 2018.
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  1. Matteomar95
    I wrote to them about 6 days ago, but for now I haven't received any response. What can I do?
  2. Matteomar95
    @Andykong As today I have not yet received any reply yet. What can I do?
  3. Andykong
    I finally retrieved your email from the bin of the Customer Service computer. Our CS officer will get back to you ASAP.
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  4. bukumurah
    Dear Cayin Representative, I am a user of your product from Indonesia.

    My N5iiS DAP suddenly will not turn on at all since 2 days ago. Pressing the power button or a combination of various buttons for 10 seconds or more will only turn on the LED (solid white) on the top right corner of the screen and nothing else.

    It started happening after a full battery drain one night because I forgot to recharge the DAP. The next morning the problem happened when I tried to recharge the player.

    Do you have any idea what has happened to my N5iiS? To me it looks like as if it fails to boot up or is stuck. Also the solid white LED indicator is still on now as I wrote this message.

    I look forward to your assistance. Thank you so much.

    NOTE: I am not aware of any current Cayin distributor in Indonesia, after it went through several different companies in last few years..
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
  5. Andykong
    Plug in the charger and let it sit there 30 minutes. If you drain you battery completely, the player will enter protective mode BEFORE switch off automatically. If won't turn on or charge up the battery immediately because a quick charge when the battery in extremely low voltage might cause damage to the battery. When you connect the DAP to a charger at this stage, the Power management software will charge up the battery in pulse mode and that will take a while (10-20 minutes, depends on how bad you have discharged) to wake up the batter and resume normal chargeing.
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  6. bukumurah
    Thank you for the tips. I tried your method before but it did not work.

    The good news is that I took the player to a local DIY'er (Verus Audio), who opened the player, disconnected the battery connector from the main board and reconnected it, then the player works again right away.

    According to the technician it could be because the android OS was stuck, whatever that means..

  7. paolo.tellano
    Experienced my first bug after acquiring the N5ii, the problem is that it doesn't move past the loading screen. After a factory reset and ensuring my SD Cards were detached, it's now fine again. The N5ii is underappreciated due to the quirks and bugs, but I honestly prefer the sound over my previous DAPs (Opus 1s, Ibasso DX120, Questyle QP1R, FiiO X7ii, and Shanling M0).
  8. seanwee
    Sound wise it's definitely one of the best in its price category. I'm moving on to the DX160 soon but I've definitely had a smashing time with the N5ii.

    How does it compare to the QP1R? That's one dap I've always wanted to try out but never had the chance to.
  9. Andykong
    The problem possibly was caused by an failure in reading certain information from the TF card during the system initialization process, it can be a file failure or a card failure. Unlike other Android based DAP, N5ii and N5iiS will boot straight into the Cayin music app Home screen with all the basic information of internal and TF cards storage on display. When Cayin Music App failed to compute the storage capacity information of your TF card, it will hang up. Removing the TF card and Reset the player will resume from this situation and that's exactly what you have done.
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  10. paolo.tellano
    The QP1R is more powerful that's for sure. UI on the QP1R is primitive and the N5ii is more navigable. On the sound, the QP1R is much more neutral while the N5ii has more treble quantity and body. QP1R has a wider soundstage, but the N5ii isn't behind when used through balanced. Resolution is about the same when I use the balanced out. Simply put, the N5ii is colored and exciting while the QP1R sounds cleaner and has better fidelity. Only the Pioneer 300r is more neutral as far as my experience.
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  11. paolo.tellano
    That's great info. I'm glad there is good tech support from Cayin because I love my N5ii.
  12. archigius
    My n5ii just died. It does not turn on anymore. Yesterday it was working perfectly. It shows just the white light on the screen and does not blink as it should when charging.
    When I plug the charger in, the player makes a weird sharp noise. The player is around 2 years old...
    Very disappointing, it is the first time this happens to me with a DAP and I have no budget to buy a new one...
  13. bukumurah
    The last time i had a similar problem, a local DIY friend opened up the player, unplugged the battery, plugged it back on and it works again ever since.. give it a try
  14. archigius
    Unfortunately I don't know DIYers but I'm sure there will be someone in London. It's a thing I will consider.
    Thank you for your help.
  15. Andykong
    This probably is a loose battery connection problem, you can take off the back cover and check is there is any loose parts or connectors. The N5ii and N5iiS are relatively easy to open up. There are two screws in the bottom plate, use a T4 screwdrivers to unscrews them and the slip a small flat screwdriver into the edge of the back panel to open it up at one of the corner, and slide the flat screw driver to open up the whole back panel. You can look at the below to figure out the locking mechanism during the operation. Do it slowly otherwise you'll chip the glass sheet that cover the back. If you can't find a technical nearby, seek help from mobile phone repair technician, they should have the tools and skills to open up the N5ii easily.

    N5iiS Battery 01.jpg
    N5iiS Battery 02.jpg

    N5iiS Battery 04.jpg N5iiS Battery 03.jpg
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