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Cayin N5ii Technical Support thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by seanwee, Mar 28, 2018.
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  1. seanwee
    This is a technical support thread for all types of inquiries for the N5ii.

    Latest update (3.3 EN)

    Known bugs/issues and fixes
    1. Random freezing - solved on V3.3en
    2. Blurry album art - clear cache
    3. Colour inversion - try switching the display off and on. If not, reboot. Clear cache as last resort. No double wipe needed.
    4. Slow-responding playback buttons - Usually happens after Bluetooth usage. Switching on and off Bluetooth MAY solve it. If not, clear cache.
    5. No sound after playback - Try reinserting the earphones, play another track, reboot if still no sound
    6. Noise in DAC mode - firmware fix in progress, using a shorter cable reduces noise.
    7. Problematic Bluetooth connection - remove as many sources of interference in the surrounding area. (Turning off phone Bluetooth and WiFi)

    Clearing cache has solved all bugs for me(albeit temporarily), so far double wiping is unnecessary.

    Instructions :
    1. Going into recovery mode - Power up or restart the device while holding the volume up button until the recovery menu appears.

    1.1 Navigating in recovery mode - Next/previous button for up/down
    Power button to select

    2. Device update - Download the update zip file, copy over the zip file into root folder of N5ii, go into recovery mode, select apply update from internal storage, find and select the update zip to start update procedure. The N5ii will reboot into recovery mode once the update is finished. Simply select reboot device now to go back to normal mode.

    3. Clear cache - Go into recovery mode and select wipe cache partition

    4. Double wipe - Go into recovery mode, wipe cache and select wipe data/factory reset

    General performance optimisation (works on every android device)
    - pull down the notification bar and go into settings, go to the very bottom of settings and select about device, tap kernel version until it says you have enabled developer mode, go back into settings and now you should see developer options above factory data reset, go into developer options and change 3 settings : window animation scale, transition animation scale, and animator duration scale, change all 3 from 1x to off, now you're good to go !!!
    Last edited: May 6, 2018
  2. seanwee
    Do post any new bugs and I will update my post
  3. somnarium
    I had a new issue today which I do not recall seeing mentioned before. After playing an album I selected another one to play and got no sound even though the VU meters were moving. No other subsequent albums I selected produced volume either. After reboot all was good again. Most peculiar! All tracks were FLAC.
    seanwee likes this.
  4. Gayron
    Another two major bugs I came across right after the purchase are horrible static noise and out of sync audio and video on YouTube when in DAC mode. I'm lost for words about these, this is the defected production! I'm sorry, but I'm really flabbergasted by this.
  5. seanwee
    I know, I hate this problem a LOT. Static is low on mine. (I use a short cable, 25cm )

    Cayin, please give us an option to use the N5ii in synchronous dac mode instead of asynchronous mode!!! :'(
  6. Gayron
    But can these two bugs be fixed by new firmware do you think? If not, I don't know, perhaps the return is the only way then...
  7. seanwee
    Cayin has said that they are working on the static/cracking issue but they seem adamant on the usb DAC delay.
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  8. Nestacres
    The bugs I have found are:

    1) Sound constantly drops out when using Bluetooth headphones
    2) Volume isn't loud enough
    3) Loading and using third party apps (anything form google play) is very slow
  9. seanwee
    can you clarify point no 2?

    Slower operation of third party apps is expected. This is not a smartphone.
  10. CongoFather
    We have written long enough about the well-known usb out noise/drop problem of N5ii when used with external DACs. You had better modify the list and add this issue..
  11. Nestacres
    Actually the sound is ok - I usually listen on the train/tube so need to turn it up quite a bit. While listening at home now, it is actually fine. The increments don't increase that much but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The main issue, as I have said is the bluetooth. With the player directly out in the open, its fine. As soon as I put in my pocket, it goes and any movement of my head loses connection. That is a massive flaw as I am sure a lot of people use Bluetooth headphones.
  12. seanwee
    Done, thanks.

    Ah, so the insufficient volume is when using Bluetooth. That would be because of your gear, nothing to do with the N5ii.

    As for the connection problem, I need to look into this more. I tried out my friend's airpods and they are similar to your findings. However, it Bluetooths seamlessly to my Sony Bluetooth speakers (XB-2), a Bluetooth handsfree also works seamlessly.
  13. Nestacres
    Thanks. Bluetooth to my car stereo and my UE Boom speakers is also fine. The problem arises when on the move and the N5ii is put in a pocket/is blocked from the receiving device (in my case headphones).
  14. Gayron
    seanwee, thank you for hinting how to mitigate static noise in the DAC mode, just bought a 20cm cable and it's pretty decent right now regarding the noise!
  15. seanwee
    All right!!!! :)
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