Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. originalsnuffy
    I used Sea Change to test the i5. This unit reminds me a lot of that device, but with improved Android capabilities it would seem.

    It is passing the Miles Davis Kind of Blue test very nicely.

    I may be dropping this Chord Mojo concept I have been keeping in the back of my mind. This unit seems to do the trick so far.

    Now we need to see how it handles streaming sources like Sirius XM and the Synology server before coming to a final conclusion but so far; so great.

    Nice silent background with the FLC8S for people concerned about hiss issues in general. Nothing specific to Cayin implied, some people just worry about hiss and appropriately so.
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  2. RuiPP
    Can we expect an android update to this device? An update to a later version would be great.
  3. Andykong
    We don't have any plan for that, and its unlike available unless Rockchip provides an Android 6.0 solution to RK3188 devices.
  4. Fletcher Woolard
    USB-C to micro USB cable with no adapter just like this one:
    Switched to USB audio when prompted after plugging in usb cable.

    In the dropbox link I uploaded a sample of the distortion:
    Also tested with a NX4 dac and the results are the same.

    My N3 works great with both the ad18 and nx4.
  5. CongoFather
    I have also received N5ii yesterday. I did not get any sound when I connect N5ii to IFI Micro IDSD Black with type-c to female USB cable. After several reboot operations & plugging the cable again&again , It somehow worked(with USB mode) . I just want to use this device as a transport to Mojo/IFI with TH900. But there seems to be really high noise even when bluetooth and wifi is turned off.
    But I can use it seamlessly no matter when and how I plug the cable with my Samsung S8 Plus using the same connection.

    The other problem occurs when I want to copy files from Windows10 NTFS file system. It warns me that the properties of the file will be lost if I continue to copy. It prompts the same warning for each file. If I copy them, N5ii does not see any audio files(wav, dsd, aiff etc) when I scan the folder. But if I use Mac Mini to copy them from Synology NAS, there is no problem.. I have not yet tried to play files directly from Synology but I do have very little hope that it will work at the first time. As far as I read, Some users experienced problems and could not achieve that using its own software.(trying different stable music player apps may work, I will try to install UAPP)

    I have been following the thread for a long time. I have read lots of bugs and solutions some of which I have already forgotten due to huge number of problems..

    I am a little bit disappointed to own a product with lots of bugs. I have Mojo and IFI Micro IDSD Black.. They work seamlessly without any bug from day one. Do chineese companies have to have quality problems in most major areas in life no matter what the subject is?!!! @Andykong tries to help everyone and I appreciate that. But I do not appreciate Cayin as a company. They fail when we talk about quality.

    By the way I have already updated the firmware to the latest one.
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  6. originalsnuffy
    Hi all,

    A few questions.

    First, I have turned on audio priority mode. Somehow, I can't figure out how to turn this mode off again.

    Second, where should I put apk files for installation? I assume I have to get out of audio priority mode to install these.....!
  7. zabin29
    you can turn off audio priority mode in the pull down menu. Swipe down from the top twice and there is an item in the menu called 'audio priority mode' on the right side.
  8. originalsnuffy
    OK I have figured out the swipe down menu to turn audio priority on and off.

    Sure enough now ES file is available, and hence the ability to install APKs.

    I skipped google store for now and just downloaded a few key apks.

    Built in LAN access worked great for hi res flac, but not SACD ISO. Probably too high a bandwidth draw.

    And oh yes, Sirius XM is up and running. Some nice options to adjust audio quality with Sirius. Of course since I am on the home hifi and not LTE I went for max quality.

    So far all is GOOD with this unit for my purposes.

    This is, from my point of view, an I5 on steroids. And that is a good thing.

    I probably need to get used to the frequency spectrum of the unit. The units seems to lean a bit more to mids and highs vs. bass. So the machine seems a bit more subdued in the low bass at this point in time. Keep in mind I have my IEMs tuned pretty much to reference tuning, and I tend to play music with no EQ at all. I may fiddle with the IEMs a bit to match the unit, but I may just wait until the balanced cable comes in before starting on that adventure. Perhaps too much of a reference signature can be overkill. There is something to be said for "fun" signatures. Or maybe a :"party pooper" signature....
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  9. PinkyPowers
    Transferring files via Windows 10 has never given me any troubles. Can you walk me through the process that leads to these errors?
  10. foxez69
    Hi, good day!

    I just bought N5ii today. I tried connecting my sony 1000mx2 using bluetooth. Upon connection, i checked the bluetooth codec thats being used by n5ii using the Sony Headphone app. It appears as SBC and not APTX. Anything I should do with the setup of cayin to change the codec to APTX? Tried restarting both devices and check the bluetooth setting but to no avail. Still shows as SBC codec being used.
  11. HombreCangrejo
    N5ii does not support APTX.
  12. scotvl
    N5ii doesn't support Aptx.
  13. foxez69
    I see. Is it possible in the future via firmware update? Thanks for the answers.
  14. vrapan
    No aptx support is part of the BT transmitter used and for cost purposes N5II does not include one that supports it.

    However why would you use a dap for bt headphones? You are not benefitting from the DAC or the AMP of the DAP so why would you not use your phone for that. I never understood the reason behind BT headphones with DAPs
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  15. Chaz1952
    I just received my N5ii yesterday. It's my first Android DAP. I've updated the latest firmware and installed the two TF cards (128gb ea.) I had been using in my FiiO X5ii.
    The FW installed correctly and my music library is intact!

    Now I haven't listened much at this point, but have two observations:
    -the website mentions capacitive touch buttons. Strangely, I do not notice these on the N5ii. (I also own their N3 and I can definitely feel the touch feedback on that player.) Is there an ON/OFF setting like the N3?
    -the VU meters randomly stop responding: sometimes in the middle of song playback, sometimes when one song ends and another begins. Retuning to the HOME screen restores the VU meters function.
    Anyone else notice these behaviors?
    What format does Cayin recommend the TF cards be formatted in? and finally...what resolution (size) would you recommend the jpg. album should be for best viewing?

    Thanks for your responses and assistance!!

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