Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. PopZeus
    Can't tell if you're being totally sarcastic or not but I will say I am running them on medium gain mode. Still very quiet.
  2. zabin29
    anyone tried the N5II balanced out with the Sennheiser hd600's? I tried them with the single-ended output and had it at 100 and it could've used more. I'm wondering if getting a balanced cable would provide enough power, or should I get an external portable amp, like the Cayin C5?
  3. PinkyPowers
    On 100 on High Gain?
  4. zabin29
    yep, it was pretty loud, and almost there, that's why I'm thinking the balanced cable should give that little extra - maybe I answered my own question. Do you find it has enough power single ended for the Senn's?
  5. davidcotton
    Bit concerning about the volume? I assume there is more than enough for c/iems, and it's just full size headphones that "may" be a bit underpowered? I'm currently using sennheiser hd25-II's, but had been thinking about upgrading/sidestepping to the oppos in the near future.
  6. Slacknoise
    Thanks Pinky, exactly what I wanted to know.
  7. HombreCangrejo
    The full size headphone that I will mainly use with it will be the HE-400i, but in balanced mode. I hope it will have more than enough power for that. 250mW+250mW @32Ohm is, in my opinion, a lot of juice.
  8. PinkyPowers
    I'll have to double check when I get home. But I thought I remembered my HD6XX doing well on the N5II in single-ended. If not, it will surprise me, since I have a few DAPs that have more than enough power for it. But maybe not. I'll let you know later.
  9. mysticstryk
    Have you heard them on a Fiio X5iii? I just bought the Fiio but I'm also interested in the N5ii as well with my PM3.
  10. PinkyPowers
    So I'm home now, and listening to the HD6XX, and I must say... for the sake of your ears, lower the volume! :D

    Even on my oldest-recorded rock, these get LOUD at 90 on High Gain. Some of the newer stuff only needs to go to the 70s to sound bangin'.

    But of course, DAPs really aren't meant for these kinds of cans, and I wouldn't blame you for seeking a little more headroom with an amp.

    My Meze 99 Classics only need to be on Low Gain. Medium Gain gives it nice headroom. The only headphones I have that truly top out the N5II is the Fostex T-X0. Those bastards are power hungry!

    Oh yeah. Going balanced will certainly give you some extra juice as well.
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  11. zabin29
    thanks for checking on that, my ears may already be damaged :anguished:. I checked again too, and it's pretty much loud enough, but it's also nice to be able turn it up sometimes.
  12. PinkyPowers
    I'm only using the stock single-ended cable for my Senns. Going balanced will give you more headroom.
  13. PopZeus
    I've never heard the X5iii before so I can't say how it pairs. Generally, though, people seem pretty high on the N5ii compared to all other mid-tier DAPs, including the X5iii. From what I've read the FiiO sounds thinner than the Cayin, so if you already find the PM-3 a bit too lean, you'll probably prefer to pair it with warmer, fuller sources like the N5ii. The part that is totally subjective and harder to talk about in objective terms.
  14. mysticstryk
    I usually find the PM3 somewhat laid most of the time unless paired with the right source. It is very linear up until you get to that last bit of air and it rolls off a bit.

    My hesitation with the N5ii is that sabre dac. Most implementations I find to have brittle and sometimes artificial treble. Even my DX90 I have is a bit lacking here (which is why I'm replaceing it. It also doesn't have quite the headroom I want for the PM3)
  15. gotoma8
    Hi All, thanks for all your reviews, feedback, thoughts, frustrations, etc...on the N5ii. I have been looking for a DAP and my first thought was A&K, either the Kann or the AK70mkii, however, both are much more than the N5ii. Having said that, I have the following headphones: EL-8 open back and EL-8 Titanium as well as HD800. I'd would love to ask if the N5ii could drive the EL-8 or not. Not worried about the HD800 as that is happy with the Schitt Jotunheim in my office. Really looking for a portable player.
    Anyways, so far I really like what I've read even with some of the charing issues, glitches and what not.

    -So, can it drive the EL-8 and has anyone tried it?
    -Has most of the glitches and charging issues been resolved with updates, etc.?

    Would you get an A&K 70Mkii or Kann over this given the price difference? Thoughts?

    Thank you in advance.

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