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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. Dcipar81
    Friends of Cayin, does anybody know how to contact support in English? Their website is not helpful. My 2.5mm Balanced jack has stopped working (well, works when the plug is held in a particular direction, you know what I mean) and this is very frustrating as I mostly use balanced for my IEM's and headphones. Does anybody have any contact information?
    Thank you,
  2. Andykong
    For all warranty and repair issues, please email service@cayin.cn
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  3. saberslasher
    I have the N5iis with firmware 1.4en and experiencing intermittent pause/play while playing music. It does not matter if music is played on the SD card on the internal disk. I have done the following:

    - deleted Spotify
    -turn WiFi and Bluetooth off
    - clear cache
    - upgraded Google play to new version
    -reformatted card to ExFAT from FAT32. It happens on the internal so it's not card specific.

    Has anyone experience this issue? I also get the Google play has stopped after reboot. Seems to be an app conflict somewhere. This is my 3rd unit and appears that all unit have this issue. I live in New York so not if that makes a difference. This is very frustrating and I am thinking of returning this.

  4. Andykong
    How long have you had your N5iiS? Did you have the intermittent pause/play problem since first day of using Spotify on N5iiS? What App did you installed on your N5iiS? Did you try offline mode? Set the offline playlist to your Internal memory (don't use microSD card for offline playlist) and try if you experienced the same intermittent pause/play problem.

    I tried Spotify and Tidal on N5ii when the product was launch, play smooth in both cases. I was testing this specifically because our previous player i5 had this problem, and I didn't experienced the any problem, it play smooth and consistently. In fact, we have numerous complaint on Spotify compatibility problem and they are all related to offline playlist. Online streaming and offline playback was fine all along.

    The recent Google play service stopped problem was surfaced around 10 days ago, apparently Google has changed something in their play service and causing access problem with existing Android devices. Let's hope Google find out the problem and solved it already. If you haven't, may you can update your Google Service as suggested previously (here)
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  5. saberslasher
    I had this unit for about 2 months. I had the N5ii before with same issue but different firmware. Don't remember if it happened the first day but definitely the first week of playing. The only app I installed was Spotify. But uninstalled to see if that was the cause. Issue is the same. I tried to play off of the internal memory and its the same issue. I removed the SD cards from the unit as well. The unit says google play updated but it was the old version. It didn't not prompt me to update but update it anyway with version 15.1.23.
  6. seanwee
    Just wanted to share a great trick I accidentally stumbled upon. It greatly improved the speed and responsivenes of the N5ii's operation in my case

    First, go into es file explorer and open up the left tab.

    Click apps.

    Then, open the app bar and click system apps

    Scroll down until you see Cayin Audio 20190604_155351.jpg

    Hold down Cayin Audio to get more options, click properties.
    Now click clear data and confirm
    Hopefully you guys will find this useful.

    Do tell me if it works well or not for you.
  7. somnarium
    Will give this a try, thanks.

    What is the difference you notice? Do you have 2 cards in use, and if so how full?

    I am still occasionally getting one card unrecognised, everything else I can live with pretty happily.. :smile_phones:
  8. seanwee
    I use a 400gb half full and a 200gb 98% full.

    Basically after clearing the app data it feels just as smooth and responsive as the N5iiS (provided you already set the transition and animation values to x0.0 and x0.5 for animator duration in dev options)

    But sadly, the 2 second pause delay is still there after this.
    somnarium likes this.
  9. alter4
    Dear cayin support, what is the status of the issue with Google play popup? Is the firmware with fix expected?
  10. text
    Didn't see a post on this, so something to keep in mind when buying a new pair of IEMs if you own a Cayin N5ii...

    My new Campfire Audio Comet IEMs with the stock, single-end (TRRS) cables are not compatible with my N5ii, due to the in-line microphone controller. The extra mic signal confuses the player, sending it skipping tracks all over the place after playing them for 1 second. Once I swapped my other (TRS) headphones in the same 3.5mm jack, the N5ii worked fine.

    There are $15 TRRS to TRS adapters out there, but they'll add a little bend to the cable where they connect. I haven't tried one yet and may get a new cable, since the Comets have detachable ones.

    [Happy update: Campfire Audio are sending me a new, non-remote cable, so great customer service!]
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2019
  11. upsguys88
    How do you get there on es file explorer? My file explorer doesn't look like that.
  12. seanwee
    Update it to its latest version
  13. upsguys88
    How’s can I update it?
  14. seanwee
    Go into Google play store, my apps and then update all
  15. Andykong
    So you have removed the Spotify App from your N5iiS and then install in again from Google Play, and the intermittent pause/play problem remain the same? This is so strange, because the Spotify problem have been beaten to death but user feedback suggested that Spotify play smooth both online and offline, the problem are mainly around offline playlist synchronisation and the speed of play/pause and next/pre button.

    Can other users please check the version of your Spotify app? anyone with Spotify 15.1.23 on N5ii or N5iiS and suffered similar problem? We need more information and/or test cases before we can identify the problem.
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