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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. alphafiz
    Guys how do we take screenshots on this thing?
  2. thedud3
    Unfortunately there's no built-in solution for screenshots (or at least none that i'm aware of).

    So maybe there's an easier solution, but i manage screenshots by using AirDroid app. You can afterward access your device screen for taking screenshots from any computer (a bit of a hassle to put in place but works good once you're used to it ^^)
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  3. Rixsta
    Just wondering does anyone know if this player can support CTIA headphones.
    I was using headphones with a button on but it will not control the player.
  4. thedud3
    I'd say it may depends of your earphone's model. For instance i have a Sennheiser Urbanite which works quite good when i also have BlackBerry earphone which don't (sure the Cayin Audio shouldn't be associated with poor BlackBerry's earphones but don't blame me for that, it was just for testing ^^). And by 'quite good' for my Urbanite, i mean that play/pause/skip works OK but the volume buttons unfortunately doesn't work at all (when all buttons works like a charm with my smartphone).

    All in all, it might be worth trying with different earphones if you can.

    Last point, i'm using N5IIs, so i can't tell about N5II.
    Rixsta likes this.
  5. Rixsta
    Thanks for that ill have to try some, I just love it when you dont have to keep taking the player out of your pocket while the musics on random play, changing tracks! Especialy while out running!

    I bet there is also a way to get bluetooth control of android using smart watch or something to control player and other functions.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2019
  6. dgriffter
    Left channel on my N5mk2 has stopped working. I have tested other devices, phones, etc., plus s/w, so I know it is a hardware issue; seems to be the 3.5mm output jack. Sure I read somewhere on this thread that others have had similar issues. Pretty gutted, cos I love the sound, and the firmware updates have fixed most the usability issues. Anyone know how I can get this fixed? Should I contact Cayin or the place I got it from (Advanced MP3 Players in the UK)?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance / replies :)
  7. Imbrie
    I'd contact Colin at AMP3 in the first instance. If it's still within the warranty period they will deal with it.
  8. dgriffter
    Thanks, Imbrie! I've now sent a mail off to AMP3. I think I am just within the 1 year since purchase (not sure if that is the cutoff, but it's typically one or two years, I think), so fingers crossed.
  9. alphafiz
    Hi guys..
    I was wondering, what bluetooth codec does this support? Like aptx ldac etc..
  10. seanwee
    Should be just SBC and AAC.
  11. alphafiz
    Thank you...
    So how can we choose it?
  12. Slater91
    It also supports aptX, though it's not documented officially due to licences. I remember back when the 3.1 (I think) update launched there was a bit of talk about this, and Andy said "I can't say anything officially, just try and feel the difference".
    MyPants likes this.
  13. alphafiz
    Do u know how to choose between them?
  14. Slater91
    You can't. It has been possible to choose the codec starting with Android 8.0, so it is not possible on the N5ii (which uses Android 5.1). The best codec is always chosen based on compatibility - so if you have an aptX-compatible device (e.g. headphones), the N5ii will use that codec.
  15. upsguys88
    Major difference between n5ii and n5iis?
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