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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. upsguys88
    That little black thing is the antenna?
  2. upsguys88
    Is this hard to do?
  3. ElKabong
    Go to the forum source components thread, someone has the n5ii for $150.00.
  4. alphafiz
    can we saveTidal Offline to SDCARD on N5iiS?
  5. alphafiz
    Guys please help.. i am using n5iis with tidal..
    When i open tidal, and start listening, i cant use the control button once the screen is off.

    Any workaround?
  6. Rixsta
    Thankyou, trouble is I think I need to buy from the UK!

    Also just wondering does anyone know if you can plug in a HDD formated in FAT32 via OTG on the N5ii? Perhaps it can read the music

    Another question is can this player work with in-line remote control on the headphones ?
  7. Metalomaniac
    I'm in Netherlands, and would consider selling mine for a decent price. Getting a new phone soon and already ordered a DAC for it. PM if you're interested!
    Rixsta likes this.
  8. bluewrecK
    drag down from the top of the screen so the tidal controls display.
  9. alphafiz
    It works!! Thanks mate..
    Only tidal have this issue..
    Spotify doesnt have this issue..
  10. thedud3
    Hi buddies,

    I'd like to know if anybody tried and could successfully cast the N5II/N5IIs screen to TV ?

    So far i tried several apps with no go. Google Home tells me the device is not optimized for casting :

    ... and then i got this awful result on my TV showing Google knew what he meant... :


    I guess the HW can't handle the cast (that sucks), but just wanted to know if anybody in here might have achieved this with success anyhow...

    I have tested many other casting / screen mirrorig apps with no go so far.

    Note that my TV has no Wifi built-in nor Miracast capability and that i only have a Google ChromeCast device plugged in it.

    And while i'm here, talking about extra capabilities of the beast, i have also tested playing videos with various results. Been testing through VLC as it has ability to adjust audio delay, and this is definitely useful as there is often huge lag between audio and video (several seconds). At the end of my testing, some videos are OK when others are not viewable at all, even with adjusting the delay. Surely this depends of video encoding.

    Of course i know all these stuff is not what the N5II was designed for, but i still can't help from thinking it's too bad that a cheap smartphone can handle video playing + screen casting perfectly when this expensive DAP cannot. And yes, i do know the small budget smartphone can't handle audio as good as our beast does. But still, that's too bad imho.

    Maybe @CayinSupport or @Andykong could tell us more about this ?

    And some info regarding firmware update & fix would be nice too btw :wink:

    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
  11. seanwee
    Well, I know for a fact that the RK3188 inside the N5ii is perfectly capable of smooth video playback whether it is on an app or YouTube.

    There is a guy on the FiiO X5iii thread who modifies and optimises the kernel on the X5iii and it runs much smoother than the stock kernel.

    And since both the X5iii and the N5ii have the same RK3188 cpu, I asked him about the N5ii and he suspects that it may be because the kernel on the N5ii may be running old versions of the RK3188 driver.
    fokta and thedud3 like this.
  12. thedud3
    Thanks for your reply. That sounds much interesting... If only Cayin dev team could handle this...
    That's especially interesting knowing that the N5IIs (which i have) besides has twice the RAM of the N5II

    But i think Cayin already stated being more concerned with future product releases than optimizing old ones, especially regarding non critical features...
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
  13. originalsnuffy
    Yeah we may get one last bug fix release if we are lucky and that will likely be it.

    I am vexed by Cayin. This experience does not define optimal.
  14. alphafiz
    By the way guys,
    It the third party app section.. i saw that at the bottom there is a 2gb max?

    Whats that all about?
  15. seanwee
    Most likely not. As I said, the kernel modification and optimisation was carried out by a head-fier. FiiO also didn't make any move to improve it themselves.

    Unfortunately, we likely won't see the same thing on Cayin's side even if we have someone that is willing to do the optimisation as i think Cayin doesn't have the freedom to release the kernel and firmware code as it is owned by HiBy.

    And personally I prefer to interpret Cayin's message as : Don't expect new features, but we will continue bugfixing.

    Well, if they could pull a miracle and iron out ALL the bugs in the next update, then that would be a great thing would it not? Then we would no longer have to wait for any updates.

    Unfortunately that is highly unlikely.

    That's referring to the 2gb ram on the N5iiS
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