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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. MRobi

    Try last beta version:
    Work perfect with my MP3 files.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2019
  2. robotncc
    I play via folders. I tried to scan but it was crashed
  3. fokta
    hmm.... nova launcher.... want to try...
    btw @robotncc, Is UAPP can play DSD 256 at N5iis ?
    because mine can't, it convert to PCM 176kHz...
    while using Stock player can....

    I found UAPP is more resolving sound than Stock player...
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2019
  4. seanwee
    And you're not the first. A few users reported the same.

    I'm curious to find out but unfortunately it's a paid app.
  5. fokta
    yeah... Actually if u are android user, for me it worthy, since I have 5 android gadget, even installed in my car audio (although the sound isn't not great with car audio). so pay for more than 3 device is already a sold for me...

    UAPP is better, if the flac song is 24bit that can manage MQA.
    while DSD always change to PCM (alrd set to DSD Native, still not working) ... its really annoying... already escalate to Davy, but haven't received feedback...

    edit : was doing cable swap, using 2.5 balanced with UAPP, pick up background Hiss... When I used back to the stock player with the audio Priority Mode On, the background Hiss took 7 - 10 second to disappear...
    well probably, i stick to stock player a while, my ear is sensitive to this kind of noise....
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2019
  6. Pete7
  7. Pete7
    I'm trying UAPP. I can't kill the Cayin Audio app, though, so whenever I turn the unit off I'm back to Cayin app. I keep setting Nova launcher as default, and the settings are reset when I reboot.
    And I do hear some difference with my UM 50 Pro's. Not necessarily more resolving, but slightly more mid bass and a smoother SQ, a touch less analytical in comparison to the Cayin music player. Take my 50-year-old ears opinion with a grain of salt, lol.
    seanwee and fokta like this.
  8. fokta
    well your comment is valid.

    By chance u try to turn on the bit perfect mode ? or buy add in purchase to turn on the MQA?

    unfortunately, DSD is not working... this means, only playing PCM up to 176 kHz...
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
  9. upsguys88
    I can't even us UAPP to play off my SD cards how can I play using "folders" I can't find my music. #help lol
  10. fokta
    hahaha. manual add. or find the following path

    /mnt/external_sd1 or /mnt/external_sd2
  11. Pete7

    I didn't try bit perfect mode as all my files are 16/44.1. Seems like a waste if you aren't using hi-res files. Didn't pay the extra for MQA, either. I may when I get my new N5iiS. Turns out the N5ii I had bought used with the screen issue was originally purchased from Music Teck, so along with the Opus 1S battery situation (a new one from Audio-Opus potentially could have taken 6 months, if ever) we managed to work out a deal. I will try out UAPP on the N5iiS, but I guess when I had it on N5ii I was a little disappointed that you can't simply put the Cayin firmware on ice and replace it.
  12. Rixsta
    Well this looks like a nice little player things that top it off for me as a possible music player are

    Sabre DAC but this time with a op-amp that brings more musicality to the otherwise possible too analytical Sabre.

    I just had my hands on the little XDP-02U
    With sabre DAC and op-amp. Unfortunately it felt lifeless to me so this Cayin N5ii is bringing me some hope that maybe there is something a little more musical and less clinical out there with Dual SD.

    Now the problem is trying to find one used at a good price not too many around on ebay etc pity about the Fiio x7ii but is way out of price range!
  13. ElKabong
    Keep an eye out on Musicteck, i happened on it about 3 weeks ago and they were selling the N5ii for $169.00, i snapped it up.
    Rixsta likes this.
  14. Rixsta
    Wow lovely thats a great deal there :) the search continues! At the moment not many lightweight DAP with Dual SD around. DP-X1 is a great sounding DAP though.
  15. seanwee
    I've done some fiddling around and experimentation with the Wifi/Bluetooth of the N5ii and found that the culprit behind weak signal and interference to be the antenna.

    This is the stock antenna placement

    Although the internals are well shielded as we can see in 's teardown

    The antenna is too close to the amp section and as a result, some interference still penetrates the shielding.

    Thankfully, theres a simple solution to this
    Simply rotate the antenna so that it's as far away as possible from the amp section.

    It also boosts the signal reception for WiFi. (From 3-4 bars to solid 5 bars)

    Of course, you could boost it even further by purchasing and installing an aftermarket antenna if you want to :p

    Hope this helps.
    Rixsta and fokta like this.
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