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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. Pete7
    The fact Andy said there would be at least one more firmware update over a month ago and it hasn't materialized yet does not sit well with me. I think those of us who purchased the N5ii deserve some closure. Admit the remaining issues can't be fixed.
  2. fokta
    UAPP issued is resolved, must add the SDcard path manually though... and doing it everytime It shut down... well at least work....

    DSD intermittent, need to reboot if not working.

    I found UAPP sound a bit better that stock player.... and HiRes really work in 44/24bit, while in stock player, seems not recognize as HiRes....

    N6ii... nah, I skip to DX220...

    but Again is good DAP, especially if you have to pair with HISS Sensitive IEM.... so can't complain....
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2019
  3. seanwee
    I think Andy meant feature updates. Bug fixes will still be worked on.
  4. seanwee
    Yeah, he said that hopefully it should be done after Chinese New year.

    He said that they managed to resolve the 2sec pause delay but it broke the USB Audio so they are still working on it.
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  5. seanwee
    Got to test out some 64 Audio iems.


    No hissing at all with the 10 Ohm 114db/mW TIA Fourte
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  6. originalsnuffy
    I have my doubts that we will ever see a complete set of bug fixes. I could have been a Cayin fanboy but this experience has been less than optimal.
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  7. seanwee
    Photo comparisons of the N5ii and N5iiS in case anyone still wants them.


    N5iiS left N5ii right (Credits to Cayin)

    Bonus: N8

    Shorter but slightly wider screen.
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  8. upsguys88
    @seanwee do you like the n5iis better than n5ii?
  9. seanwee
    Overall I still prefer the original N5ii. Mainly because it's lighter.

    The audio jacks on the N5iiS have a more solid click which is nice. UI speed is the same to me since I'm using 0.5 animations on the N5ii developer options. The volume wheel on the N5iiS is a little too stiff to me where the N5ii is just right.

    Soundwise I can't say there is a noticeable difference.
  10. ElKabong
    Seanwee, have you tried any 3rd party music apps with the N5ii? i've tried to get JetAudio to work, it will scan fine, but when i go to a specific folder whether it be internal or external,
    the folders show up but not the flac or mp3 files within the folder of the particular album.
  11. upsguys88
    What is 0.5 animations?
  12. upsguys88
    What is everyone’s favorite music player app on the n5ii?
  13. robotncc
    Hi, you can install Nova Launcher and change it to default. On Nova you can kill Cayin Audio app that helps to speed up your player. Most of the applications run very smooth. I am using Hiby.

    IMG_2011.jpeg IMG_2012.jpeg IMG_2010.jpeg IMG_2013.jpeg
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  14. upsguys88
    @robotncc can you still use all the n5ii options though?
  15. upsguys88
    Like line out, gain etc?
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