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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. Andykong
    Thanks for the support, unfortunately the USB Audio issue is still a work in progress and we don't have any plan to implement MAQ certification on N5ii or N5iiS. The MCU is marginally in handling the MCA algorithm.
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  2. zeta555
    aw man. that's a pass for me then. at least until you sort out that usb out.
  3. CongoFather
    It takes longer than you expected to solve the usb out issue. You produce great hardware but when it comes to software, I think you have some way to go. I look forward to hearing the first impressions about N8 built on your own OS. But I will wait enough, be patient and read the customer experiences long enough before I decide to buy it. I really hope you can launch the product with a stable, error-free, fast software without freezes and unexpected restarts.
  4. thrgk
    Anyone use theirs with IEMs? I was thinking if getting this to go with my massdrop plus IEMs and Spotify
  5. originalsnuffy
    I would bet more users have IEMs than larger headphones.

    The unit sounds great with both standard 3.5mm IEMs and balanced 2.5mm. I love it with the IT01 and FLC8S.
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  6. seanwee
    Yes I do and they sound great :D
  7. Piratair
    I'm sorry that does not change anything for me, if the playlist is on my SD card and I connect my Cayin to the PC, he asks me to accept the mass storage. I answer in the positive, I transfer my music on a SD card and when it's over. I stop mass storage on my Cayin then disconnect and all my playlist are resynchronized on my SD card.

    So suddenly I have to download my spotify music on the internal memory of my player that will soon be full when I have 2 SD cards that I use at once for my Flacs. thank you

    moreover I have another problem, I manage my music by playlist that I create by style of my many flas.
    but when I add music to a folder that I create and I would like to listen to, how should I proceed?
    Because my reader can only read them one by one, I can not read the entire file at once, or create a playlist of this folder As I understand it I have to select them a by one because they are tidy and therefore in different subfolders whose parent file is the one I would like to read.
    So when I select them all with the solution "bulk operation" he can not see the flasks in the subfolders for him it's folders without music ...
    It's really a problem, I think that when we add music, but we can only find them with the file manager who sees only files and not the music in the folders apart of course to go into each folder individually to create a playlist by adding them one by one.

    I do not know if I'm clear, but when we add music in a special folder to be able to listen to other songs, I did not find the solution to listen to it.
    Only the selection of titles one by one by entering all sub folders individually to put them in a playlist ...
    it's a solution too long and unfeasible, for 5 titles it goes, I just added a 60 titles and they appear only in bulk songs or with the file manager.
    While I would have liked to be able to select the whole file and with the option to read or listen to the 60 titles ....
    If anyone has a solution I'm listening ... thank you

    Because in my player I have 1800 songs including 1740 already in style playlist, because I will not listen every time the 1740 ... so according to my desires I listen to such playlist (electronics or Celts ... for example) and this took me almost 3 weeks to create them but I see that we have to do this each time..the question arises only when we have a lot of titles .... and we add new ones titles in a folder alone and apart and that we want to listen or create a playlist for the latter.
    With the manager we have to go into the folder and then in the subfolder of the song one by one to add them in a palylist I find it very long and annoying almost impossible to manage
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018
  8. Andykong
    @Piratair @wakokokoyz

    Are you using USB mode or MTP mode when you transfer data from computer to TF card?

    What about turn off the DAP, take the card out and use card reader to copy file from computer to TF card? When you plug in the TF card and restart N5ii, will Spotify unsynchronize your playlist?
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  9. originalsnuffy
    Hey Cayin,

    I understand the need for speed to replace the Cayin N5II due to the screen issues.

    I think that the listed improvements are relatively subtle and don't really create enthusiasm for a big price increase plus the added weight is an issue.

    I think that you should either shoot for a $399 or less price point with the unit pretty much as is; or go big and add some killer features.

    For killer features, basically take on the HiBy R6 and add clean audio paths for all signals (including apps); but keep two memory card slots. Also pick up the game with the microprocessor so you can have faster system response, less timeouts, and new features like MQA etc. The R6 has problems with impedance, so make sure to design any potential issues out of the unit. Then existing customers might even trade up.

    Also keep working on the software bugs to eliminate that as a source of irritation to customers and move the reviews from mainly positive to thoroughly positive.

    I will note the the current unit is miles above the HiBy R3, which has balanced output but sounds colored to my ear. Amazingly, the modestly priced Shanling M0 comes closer to the Cayin N5II sound, which is surprising to me.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018
  10. maira
    I think they make a good move as people want the new features. For myself i dont need streaming, bluetooth etc. . Just a dedicated DAP with GREAT (analogue) musical sound and good battery life. Okay, i also like if album art is shown, but i even dont need a playlist as i listen to albums... .
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  11. thrgk
    Is this DAP worth it if I only use Spotify / Google music? I might upgrade to tidal HiFi of ots worth it but for now just Spotify.
  12. PopZeus
    You're probably better off finding a portable DAC that plays well with your mobile device and your headphone preferences. I love my N5ii but it isn't a superstar when it comes to network performance and 3rd party apps.
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  13. thrgk
    Will it let me use the download option on spotify to listen to them offline?
  14. Dcipar81
    It will allow you to download, but only to its 32gb internal storage (which turns out to be a lot of spotify music). As for wifi stability and range, not stellar, but works in my townhouse. I mean you can download thousands of spotify songs. I use tidal (and spotify to a lesser extent) and I keep about 25 hifi albums on it which gets me through most of the time until I have another opportunity to connect to a wifi network to refresh. I pay for a certain cable subscription that happens to have free wifi access points all over the place so I can basically find wifi anywhere and am good to go.
    Would I have bought thisstrictly for streaming though? Probably not. I also keep 2 microsd cards of music loaded up in it. For me, spotify is for the Discover Weekly to learn about new bands and sounds, while .wav/flac is where the bulk of the collection is, be it hifi downloads of hdtracks or my personal vinyl and CD collection.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018
  15. thrgk
    I thougth Spotify saved to SD and tidal to the main memory ?

    Any idea how this DAC compares to the dragonfly black also ?
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