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Cayin N3 Hi-Res DAP with AKM4490 DAC, apt-X Bluetooth, and Line, USB & Coax Out for $150

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Jan 31, 2017.
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  1. JuanLuis91
    Hello everyone!

    I have since yesterday the cayin n3 and I have a problem ... The unit makes a lot of noise when it is playing music. At first it is very audible, even they get to hear small "pop" of interference. After some tracks the noise disappears almost completely. This happens every time I turn it on for the first time ...

    Have any of you had any similar experience?

    Juan Luis.
  2. defguy
    The fact that it doesn't drive your HD 600's well isn't too surprising, those headphones sound tend to sound pretty lifeless without quite a bit of power, more than most DAP's put out.
    You should be able to change the length of the screen time out in the settings
  3. BroncoVA
    I'm well aware of that difficulty to drive the HD600 and i was saying that i expected the N3 to perform even worse with those :wink:
    For the screen time-out i changed it to 1 mn, but i'd prefer to have a larger font size+quickest scrolling speed of track info (so that i could go back to the 30sec dim out screen)
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2017
  4. xLoud
    I am waiting for N3 to arrive. Have anyone tried to compare sound quality of N3 as wireless dac and as USB DAC? While connected through HiBy Link can I play songs from my mobile as well as control songs on N3?
  5. Sylean
    As it does not receive apt-x data, usb DAC is supposed to have better sound than BT DAC.

    You can't stream for your mobile if you are using HiBy link, you have to disable hiby link on both devices.
  6. gLer
    USB DAC will almost always sound better than wireless, especially when you're listening to high-res files and DSD. You lose the advantages of high-res music over wireless (with or without aptX), and the N3 can't output DSD over Bluetooth.
  7. xLoud
    I do not have DSD, mostly 16bit FLAC along with some 24bit audio. Anyway I am not going to use as wireless DAC.
  8. dnelsonn
    okay, yeah i haven't updated to the newest firmware yet but I will definitely do that and see if it helps. I'm really intrigued by Hibylink. it seems like an awesome addition and will definitely make searching my music easier while driving
  9. gLer
    Don't get me wrong, the N3 will still sound great as a wireless DAC just don't compare it to wired quality. Two different uses. Very useful to have a wireless DAC - especially if you want to stream Spotify or Tidal to a different location.
  10. BetterLate
    It sounds much better, but I don't listen directly from laptop. Normal setup is Modi Multibit and then either Asgard II to Massdrop Foster TH-x00 or Bottlehead Crack and Sennheiser HD600. I am using 1More triples for portable. My comments were based on using laptop to N3 to 1More
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2017
  11. jms74
    Thanks for correcting me.
    But to me it doesn't work on any of the 3 devices, it forces closes the hibby app upon connecting to the n3
  12. Wiljen
    I never had any qualms with the C3 sound quality. I think the N3 is a match for it and might be a little better in soundstage but if your only concern is sound quality I don't think the C3 is a bad choice. I do think if the UI is still prone to lockups it may be an exercise in frustration though so I might ask if that has been resolved in one of the C3 threads before I decided to purchase one.
  13. Wiljen
    Might be an either / or choice too on hibylink or Rockbox. I'm not thinking Hiby is likely to license their tech for Hibylink to Rockbox.
  14. BroncoVA
    Of course Hiby wouldn't share their tech for free (at least i would understand their point of view), but the Rockbox teams we have seen at work on other hardware are more than able to use the N3 hardware without any help from Hiby.
    And if Cayin were to open their N3 to such an initiative i'm pretty sure we'd see an independent (costumer-led as said previously by DBaldock9) firmware and even an app (at least an Android one) with something like Hibylink within a few months...
    Open your hardware to the customers and just watch what people can do with it, internet got talent :)
  15. Wiljen
    If Hiby has patents on any of the mechanism for Hibylink, it wouldn't be a matter of if somebody could do something similar, it would be a matter of cost to license the patented components IF Hiby was even willing to do so. I wouldn't expect it would be free or even cheap, but depending on attitudes at Hiby, it might get you into a legal battle for patent infringement.
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