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Cayin N3 Hi-Res DAP with AKM4490 DAC, apt-X Bluetooth, and Line, USB & Coax Out for $150

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Jan 31, 2017.
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  1. docholliday
    Last edited: May 7, 2017
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  2. hung031086
  3. nmatheis Contributor
  4. Blazer39
    i agree with the synergy part, thankfully i have different IEMs and headphones with different signatures..so looking for good synergy with a DAP should be easier.

    anyway, i think i wait little more and check what other new DAP in this price range being announced..im expecting FiiO X3 3rd generation to be announced this year.
  5. docholliday
    I preordered too as soon I got a reply from Andrew. At least the N3 will finally have the "premium" look it deserves since the X1-II already has a leather case that is pretty nice.
  6. jms74
    And thats why i use DAPs, that way i can buy phones that are great mostly everything but audio, if i wanted a good audio smartphone i would be way limited in choice and probably spend a lot more on smarphones.
  7. jms74
    Where can i buy extra silicone covers for the N3?
  8. michaelgordon
    is there a link to the official leather case? I cant find it on Cayin site and i want to see if AMP3 can get one or will be stocking but i want to provide them with a link so the know which one it will be.
  9. docholliday
  10. waynes world
    Yes, if the N3 had 2 slots, I probably couldn't resist. But the capability to stream from my phone to the N3 is very slick and appealing. And the SQ is probably a few leaps above my X3. So resistance is fading!

    At least it has those good buttons on the sides. Resistance further fading...
  11. bishyb
    Has anyone paired the Cayin N3 with RHA T20 headphones, just wondering if it's a good pairing?

    Also, what's the N3 like dealing with seeking forward in larger files? Usually listen to 2-3hr radio shows/podcasts and like be able to seek forward quickly.

  12. waynes world
    Good question. Also, I am assuming that it has auto-resume to the exact spot in the song where it turned off, so I will need to verify that.
  13. groucho69
    @Andykong it would be great if I could order a case from your AE store since it is unavailable in Canada.
  14. BetterLate
    When you are sending file from phone to n3 via Bluetooth are you sending a digital file so all the conversion is handled by the dap? I'm thinking Spotify Premium
  15. Francisk
    @waynes world and @bishyb. Yes, N3 has last track position memory when you turn it off but it doesn't auto playback, you still need to hit the "play" button. Btw the "last position memory" is turned off by default but you may turn it on through the setting page. Fast forward and rewind can be done by holding down the forward or rewind buttons on the right hand side of N3.
    Last edited: May 8, 2017
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