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Cayin iHA-6 - US Tour and reviews

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by project86, Feb 7, 2016.
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  1. Andykong

    Just finished packing up to the mini meet, lets hope the party goes well and the AB-1266 will sing well with the iHA-6.

    What you said is sad but true. AB-1266 owners probably won't pay much attention to iHA-6 given its size and price.:frowning2:
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  2. Andykong

    I assume you are referring to John Grandberg's review. :D

    Maybe you can take a look at grizzlybeast's review as well, lets see if this will bring you a step nearer to your decision. :beerchug:
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  3. tassardar
    Hopefully more people will just give it a try! 
  4. rigo
    Hopefully someone has a Senn 800S and gives impressions.  Have been thinking of getting one.  
  5. tassardar
    I actually been using it for 2 months before just selling it like yesterday. The Cayin is quite capable with it and pretty much carries most of the dacs signature to the headphone. I like it on High Current for a bigger sounding vocal with the HD800S.
    That said, it does not sound any much better or worst then direct from my TT. As such I mainly just use it direct from the TT instead and plug my planars into the Cayin.
    Some notable point, the SE on Cayin isnt great. Probably due to bad impedance matching. The balance is the go to port if you want to use the Cayin with anything.
  6. fhuang
    hi andy, any place to try it here in hong kong?
  7. grizzlybeast
    I miss having that amp here. It is on its way to Seattle this weekend. 
    I wonder how it compares to the Master 9. That is a beast of an amp as well. 
  8. Andykong

    Just a couple of quick photo on the event, will come back with more details tomorrow.


    In short, iHA-6 + AB-1266 ROCKS :D
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  9. tassardar
    Oh and one thing, I found connecting with RCA is better then balanced. Letting IHA6 handle the balance works out better for me.
  10. project86 Contributor
    Wow, it looks like those two were practically made for each other!
    Could be the Chord does better via RCA out, if it isn't a "true" balanced design. 
  11. tassardar
    Yup. Infact by chord specs, RCA performs better. And they stack really nicely with the IHA6 haha
  12. Andykong

    The silver Hugo TT is indeed a near perfect match with iHA-6, The HugoTT footprint is 235mm width and the iHA-6 footprint is 240mm, the amazing part is, even the shading of the silver paint are very close to each other.

    I know they are good match when I saw tassardar's photo, but it is a very different story when I stack them together myself, there is a big voice screaming deep deep inside, crying "I wanted these" :D

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  13. tassardar
    Yup. Its only sad my retailer do not carry Silver here. Theres a lead time of a month if I wanted silver. Other then that its a nice little stack that runs almost anything
  14. lugnut
    I have had no luck on finding a dealer for this amp. I have sent 3 emails asking about it, no replies from anyone. I have been holding out on buying a amp, thinking some US dealer would get them in. 
  15. Andykong
    The private party I attended last Sat. was mean to be a blind-date party :D I have several friends just plunged into desktop HeadFi hobby suddenly, two of them bought a LCD4, and one bought Ether-C and Abyss AB-1266 within 2 months. They are looking for headphone amp. to complete their system, so we setup this mini-meet in a very short notice.

    We started with LCD4, with HugoTT as DAC connected to LittleDot MK6, HA1Amk2 first, and then we replaced the Little Dot with iHA-6, Since we have two LCD4 on site, we have them plug into the iHA-6 and HA1Amk2 at the same time, allowing AB comparison quickly. Knowing the HA1Amk2 and iHA-6 pretty well, I bet my money on the HA1Amk2, but to my surprised, the iHA-6 actually go head-to-head with the HA1Amk2 on a lot of area and excel in extension at both ends. My speculation is HA1Amk2 is sensitive to power source. I have a 800W regen. power conditioner at home and with that HA1Amk2 performs much better then the gathering setup, which was taken place in the corner of a cafe, with everything connected to power bar which was plug into a wall socket directly.

    Anyway, the iHA-6 performs pretty good with LCD4, soundstage is wide open, I have heard better setup with LCD4, but all of them are significantly more expensive, so everything consider, all my friends agreed that the iHA-6 and LCD4 is a very high Cost-performance setup, and by all means sound fairly good as well.


    We switched to AB-1266 after everyone completed the audition with LCD4. Again I kicked started with HA1AmkII and then switched to iHA-6 after I finished my test tracks (around 8 tracks but only first 1-2 minutes of each tracks). The change was a complete WOW to me, I didn't say a world and left the setup to my friends, and at the end of that, we were laughing, but still speechless. The synergy effect is very obvious and the iHA-6 and AB-1266 works really well as a pair. The frequency is balanced in all hi/mid/low spectrum, the high is tamed, the bass is authoritative, and there is amazing resolution in the low extension, something that is very rare in headphone system. Indeed we hope the system can be more refined, we tried to brainstorming on possible candidates, but given the overall standard of what we heard, we simply can't find any even at double or triple the price of iHA-6.

    At the end of the day, I start to appreciate tassardar's impression on the iHA-6 + AB-1266 combo, this is a very odd price structure in terms of a amp/headphone combo, but they really work, and the iHA-6 has set a base-line for AB-1266 setup, a base-line that is not easy to cross.


    The party lasted more then 5 hours before we packed up. We have also tried other headphones such as HE6, LCD3, Ether-C, T1 90th, ...but I have to skip these headphones in order to keep this report as short as possible. At the end of the day, the Little Dot goes to one of the LCD4 owner and he shall compare it against his Bryston BHA-1, and will decide which amp. will stay for good. The AB-1266 owner has taken the iHA-6 for home trail and base on what I heard from him so far, its unlikely that I'll see this amp again,

    As a member of trade, I should stay away from too much coverage on the subjective impressing, so I'll close by sharing one last photo on the mini-meets. Thanks for reading.

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